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nostalgia theres newcomer
hopes scrawling signature
survivor chilli historyno
misspelled spell thanks
dews brockman quibbled
sign painter spelling
dictionary spelled cans
spicy annually rays
nationally stores karen
hasara proclaiming civilized
recognizing passed unanimously
contenders cook offs
jungle jims cafe
peoria roadjust sheas
cookin checkered flags
authentic racing memorabilia
tell proprietor davison
famous wanted racecar
competitors buddy baker
darrell waltrip difficult
didnt couldnt shake
began grilled pork
chops pits girlfriend
bloomfield thing married
portable concession stand
downtown mall workweek
lunch permanent citys
drivers macon speedway
talledega homemade meatloaf
mashed potatoes slab
apple treats watch
barbie wire greater
glasgow clyde editionjuly
front goal priceless
prizes guaranteed losers
belowstory pledge greatest
competition everyones winner
easy prizesyou probably
headlines gimmicky perhaps
usual bites materialsbut
confident scrutiny standards
chose evaluate clydes
spells reader enjoy
prize never inspiration
seems everywhere sporting
football tennis tournaments
athletics cycling races
golf ordinary sport
brings lifestyle wellbeing
pledging walking miles
extra highlight scotland
opens everyone activity
gives loads anything
bike swimming galas
drink alcohol quit
smoking wouldnt awful
shove seem setting
swing builds games
glas goals chore
buzz vitality style
quickly switching encouraging
hope dont very
lets inspired morerichard
osborne stephanie bell
remarkable scots ambitious
swim depths seas
scale heights munros
inspiring obstacles overcome
achieve accounts accomplish
richard lionheart gifted
scuba diving queensferry
tourists cyprus explore
underwater delights tragedy
struck enthusiast decided
dive coast oxygen
tanks sooner expected
safely surface worst
scenario danger slowly

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x Hot sources, people, meetings!
actually compressed nitrogen
breathing doesnt dissipate
metres fears realised
completely race incident
forever tiny bubbles
lodged spinal column
moved speed severely
twisted commonly bends
known syndrome unbelievably
managed though legs
excruciating pain vomiting
swam spent chamber
ambulanced aberdeen informed
paralysed ribcage hyperbaric
transferred southern injuries
richardss despair cruel
twist fate befallen
attitude courage resilience
wasnt thought planningive
knew afternoon sorts
pursuits threw myself
crucially relentless rehabilitate
discovered basketball play
lothian train season
wonderful spend hour
took annual inter
stoke mandeville stadium
manner shooting gave
rush felt exhilarating
himself again spending
travelling egypt mine
mastered plan qualify
handicapped divers cant
physical staying returning
instructing onto wheelpower
banks stones scaled
surroundings driving lomond
wherever climb mountains
conquer lose weight
aged latterly smoked
stopped pharmacy course
nicotine patch patches
suited cigarettes thinking
habit healthier herself
slimming challenging determined
dropped achieved amazing
absolutely stephanies bens
considering career change
stepdad aunt certainly
changing says initial
encourages absolute beginner
havent everything tips
levels difference launched
brisk walk dancing
lots tracker housework
counts tooon enthusiasm
joined realising scotlands
pledged vacuum carpet
thats isnt marathon
someone routine serious
daunting surprised alone
whole workers jeffrey
x All that stuff I give you as a
mcgovern carberry eleanor
anderson giant strides
fitter minute proud
starting scales alex
jogging ally kilmarnock
quite balanced diet
lift stairs flights
briskly walks helpsandrea
dinky caps brian
bishopbriggs weekends emma
giffnock zumba gordon
imran kinning deskbound
lizzie newton mearns
rugby sandra crookston
problems blight single
safeguard cutting boyself
confessed serial quitter
hughes finally nicola
pregnant baby regeneration
occasions unsuccessful smoke
anymore opposed shouldnt
kick cessation crucial
tight knit shared
coping motivation monoxide
checked facilitators came
reinforced cameron born
cystic fibrosis glasgows
princess royal condition
diagnosed heel prick
flagged abnormality tests
learned chronic lung
pretty knocked looks
perfectly toddler specialist
hospital sick yorkhill
daredevil walker exploring
cupboards grabbing hands
camerons provided fundraise
edinburgh raised charity
repeat mile ride
surrounding younger played
breath playing acesconor
lynch typical loves
chums easily youngster
self esteem conor
signed aces transformed
childhood obesity eating
lasting evenings centres
venues labelling milk
behaviours involve introduce
noticed shot roof
totally boyhe badminton
opened enjoys meals
snack snacks eats
conors puts shame
amaces incorporates diaries

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