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Evidence-Based Medicine and Patient Care Resources for Dr. Eamon Armstrong - Department of Family Medicine - Wits University Medical School - Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA
x General
Wits Webmail
U.S. Peace Corps Intranet

x Learn More About EBM
Question Formulation
Literature Searching
Critical Appraisal Tools & Examples
Critical Appraisal Tools/Worksheets
Levels of Evidence
Web Based Tutorials
Other Resources
Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine - UK
University of Alberta Toolkit
Toronto Syllabi for Practicing EBM
JAMA Evidence & Rational Clinical Exam
AGREE Tool - Appraise Guidelines
Duke Univ. INTERACTIVE EBM Tutorial
WHSL Evidence-Based Medicine (WITS Network)
Duke University EBM Guide
EBP Education Resources - GREAT
EBP-Critical Appraisal - Jackson Auckland NZ - NB

x Evidence-Based Links
Essential Evidence Plus (Subscription - FREE if on WITS Network)
SUMSearch 2
TRIP (Turning Research Into Practice)
PubMed Clinical Queries
Cochrane Abstracts and Summaries
NHS Library for Health
Clinical Evidence - High Quality SR's
Evidence-Based On Call (EBOC)
DynaMed - Extensive E-B Resource
PubMed & PubMed Clinical Queries - FULL TEXT Articles if on WITS Network
UpToDate - Comprehensive E-B E-Textbook - FREE on WITS Network
Google Scholar
x Clinical Guidelines/Textbooks
ACR Appropriateness Criteria - what's the best imaging study for my patient?
Merck Medicus (including DxPlain)
Johns Hopkins Antibiotic Guide - Subscription
National Guideline Clearinghouse
Primary Surgery - Trauma
Rural Medical Education Handbook - WONCA
NZ Evidence-Based Healthcare Bulletin
Traveler's Health - CDC
Clinical Knowledge Summaries (CKS) - NHS
NICE Guidelines - NHS UK
SIGN Guidelines - Superb Quality
Osteoporosis & Bone Physiology - Washington Univ.
National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCW) - Requires Registration
Family Practice Notebook
Trauma Management - USC - Demetriades
The Calgary Guide to Disease Processes
Wheeler's Textbook of Orthopaedics
Rural Emergency Medicine Comprehensive Advanced Life Support (CALS)
Dr. Rose's Peripheral Brain - Phenominal Resource
American Society of Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology Diagnostic Algorithms

x Clinical Toolbox
Composite-CV-Risk: McGill Cardiovascular Health Improvement Program - Needs Regi
Asthma Stoplight
Diabetes Calculations
BMI Calculator & Interpretation
Should I get a PSA Test: Patient Doctor Decision
Food Diary
Headache Diary
Pneumonia Severity Index
QRISK-2 CHD Risk Calculator
Wells' DVT Pre-Test Probability Calculator
Diagnosaurus - Differential Diagnoses
Charlie's Clinical Calculators (MedCalc)
Screening Tools for Adolescents
Online TST/AGRI interpretor
Gale Breast Cancer Prediction Rule - NHI
Clinical Prediction Rules for the Hospitalist (Article)
Ottawa Rules for Krees & Ankles
WHO Fracture Risk Calculator (FRAX)
US to SI Conversions for Labs
x Pharmacology
Epocrates Online (Requires Subscription to PDA Version)
No Free Lunch
Therapeutics Letter
Medications/Drugs allowed for use by athletes
MPR - Excellent Prescribing Info - Subscription

x Prevention
US Preventive Task Force
Interactive USTF Preventive Services Selector
Vaccine Information
National Immunization Program (ACIP)

x Teaching & Learning
Practical Guide to Clinical Medicine (EXAMINATION) - Great
Coursera - Free high quality courses on array of topics
Soc. of Teachers of Fam Med Online Resources
UCLA - Teaching Fracture Radiology Online
The Hand in Diagnosis - Stanford
Significant Event Audit Guide - Univ. of Exeter - short courses on variety of topics

x Journals
AFP Journal (AAFP Members)
BMJ (Subscription)
Journal of Family Practice (JFP) (Subscription)
Annals of Family Medicine
Family Practice Management (AAFP Members)
Human Resources for Health
BMC Family Practice
The Lancet Global [FREE]
x Mental Health Resources
Mental Health Info - Royal College of Psychiatrists - UK - Information especially about Bipolar d/o
Patient-UK - Great Handouts on Common Conditions
Motivational Interviewing (MI) Resources - VERY ACADEMIC
Mood GYM - Online CBT Tool
Bipolar Screen & Mood Disorder Questionnaire
Screening Tools for Peds/Adolescents (EXCELLENT)
Learning to Overcome Depression - Self Guided Resource
Depression Skills Workbook
M-3:3 minute assessment for anxiety, depression, PTSD and BPAD
M3 - Depression/BPAD/Anxiety/PTSD Screen
UCLA Mindful Meditation Podcasts
Motivate Healthy Habits - Botelho, MD

x Patient Education
Patient-UK - Great Handouts on Common Conditions
ADA: Interactive Program on Diabetes and CV Disease - Link for Life
AAFP Patient Handouts
Medline Plus - Searches Numerous Resources
Patient Education - College of FM of Canada
Online Birth Control Education
American Society of Colposcopy & Cervical Pathology (ASCCP) - Patient Handouts
Symptom Checker (Interactive Differential Diagnosis Generator)
Symptom Checker (Interactive Differential Diagnosis Generator)

x Organizations
College of Medicine SA - Family Medicine
WONCA - Global Family Doctor
Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
South African Department of Health
South African Academy of Family Physicians (SAAFP)

x Reference
Online Medical Dictionary
Merriam-Webster Dictionary & Thesaurus
Phrase Finder - Meaning & Origin

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