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x Favorite Resources
Medical FreeDictionary
OneLook Dictionary Search
Medical Abbreviations (Medilexicon)
Phonetic and Wildcard Medication Search
Medical Transcription Word Seeker
Dorlands Medical Dictionary
Stedman's Medical Dictionary (Medilexicon)
Stedman's Medical Dictionary (
Google For MTs

x Anatomy - General
Muscle Directory
Master Muscle List
Skeletal System
Bones of the Body By Region
Muscular Anatomy
Human Anatomy Dissections
Digital Anatomist
Learn Bones of the Human Body Skeletal System
Atlas of the Human Body (AMA)
Anatomy & Physiology Illustrations
Gross Anatomy for Medical Students (UAMS)
Gray's Anatomy
InnerBody: Human Anatomy Model
Medical Pictures & Video
WinkingSkull Human Anatomy Study Aid
Gray's Anatomy @ Bartleby
Instant Anatomy
Principal Arteries
Anatomy Atlases (Several Books)
Visual Dictionary of the Human body
Visible Human Project
A&P Essential Study Partner
Skeleton: The Bones
Postures & Direction of Movement
Anatomy Links
Human Anatomy (Dartmouth)
Dr. Bob's Anatomy Videos
Anatomy Models
The Anatomy Lesson
Anatomical Terms of Motion
Human Anatomy (Downstate)
BBC Human Body & Mind
Arteries of the Body
Anatomy Arcade
Muscles & Tendons
Stretching Post Anatomy

x Anatomy - Specific
Virtual Sports Injury Clinic
Anatomy of the Hand
Back Anatomy
Anatomy of the Face and Head
Anatomy of the Nose
More Anatomy of the Nose
KNEEguru notebook
Anatomy of the Hand
Wrist Anatomy
Spinal Column Articles
Guide To Ear Dissection
Audiology Definitions
Bone Box
The Skull
Skull Module
Skull Anatomy Tutorial
Bio Mechanics of the Knee
Gluteal Muscles & Bones

x Specialty - Cardiology
Cardiology Site
NHLBI Diseases and Conditions Index
Cardiovascular Institute
Heart Diseases & Conditions (Brief)
Anatomy of the Heart
Cardiovascular Glossary
Vascular Surgery Articles @ Medscape
Pediatrics Cardiology Articles @ Medscape
The Auscultation Assistant
Cardiovascular Physiology
5 Most Common Heart Procedures
Cardiology Terms & Abbreviations
Cardiology Definitions (Pics Linked)
Cardiology Explained - NCBI Bookshelf
Cardiovascular Consultants
Heart Glossary
Electrocardiogram Library Glossary
Common Abnormalities of the Heart
Cardiology Articles @ Medscape
Cardiovascular Disorders (Merck)
Heart and Circulation - NIH
Blood, Heart and Circulation @ Medline
Cardiovascular Disease Links
Cardiology & Pulmonary Center

x Specialty - Pulmonology
Pulmonary Procedures
Pulmonary Function Test (Merck)
Pulmonary Definitions
Pulmonology Articles @ Medscape
Lungs and Breathing - NIH
Lungs and Breathing @ Medline
Pulmonary Hypertension
COPD Information
Pulmonary Disorders (Merck)
Respiratory Tract Disease Links
Basic Lung Sounds
x Medications
Phonetic and Wildcard Medication Search
MPR Main Page
MT Medication Lookup (Google Custom)
FDA Main Page
Search Page
PubMed Health - Drugs & Supplements
Drug Approvals
Drugs By Medical Condition
Aussie Drugs
More Aussie Drugs
Alphabetical List of Drugs

x Report Samples
MT Samples (Google Sites)
Stedman's Sample Reports
MT Word Help & Samples
MT Sample Reports Blog
MT Daily Samples
MT-Stuff Samples
MT Word Help Synthasite Samples

x Specialty - Dermatology
Dermatology Articles @ Medscape
Dermatology Image Bank
Dermatology Disorders (Merck)
Dermatology Image Atlas
Skin Cancer/ Benign Tumor Images
Dermatology Terminology
World Wide Wounds
Skin Lesion Nomenclature
Interactive Superficial Anatomy

x Specialty - Radiology
Pediatric Radiology
MRI Portal
Radiology Education
Collaborative Hypertext of Radiology
Hypertext of Radiology

x Specialty - Orthopedics
American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons
Glossary of Spinal Terms
Back Pain & Surgery Videos
x General Medicine
Merck Manual for Professionals
eMedicine Medical Reference
Merck Manual Home Edition
A.D.A.M Medical Encyclopedia
Kass Medical References
Dr Hunter's Medical Links
Sepeideh's Medical Links
Family Practice Notebook
Health Library
Health Information - NIH
All Health Topics: Medline
Health Library - New York Presbyterian Hospital
Health Illustrated Encyclopedia
Slattengren's Medical Links
Vasilis Medical Links
Jon Snider's Medical Links
Health and Medical Resource Links
Practical Guide to Clinical Medicine
Medical Student Resources
Free Online Health Games
Clnician's Ultimate Reference
UofMI Health Topics
Health Information Library
Health and Wellness Information
Medical Images
Multimedia Health Education
SMART Imagebase

x Grammar & Usage
Blue Book of Grammar
Grammar Girl
Guide to Grammar and Writing
Purdue OWL Welcome
Conjugate Any English Verb
Univ of Victoria Level 3 Grammar Topics
Univ of Victoria Level 4 Grammar Topics
Sound Alike Words (Medical Focus)
Sentence Sense: A Writer's Guide
100 Most Often Misspellings
Grammar Untied
Grammar Slammer
Dr. Grammar Frequently Asked Questions
Grammar Bytes!
Grammar Monster
Commas @ Purdue OWL
MT Desk Grammar
Notorious Confusable Words
Internet Grammar of English
Oxford Practice Grammar
Daily Grammar - Improve your writing with our free grammar lessons
Common Errors in English Usage
MT Daily Style Guide
English Rules @ Blue Book of Grammar
Dangerous Abbreviations
Stubum | Hyphens & Commas
UNC Punctuation
Purdue OWL For ESL
English Grammar Edufind
Daily Grammar
Using Hyphen Video
Ellen Drake - Commas
Idiom Dictionary
Grammar Resources
British, Canadian and American Spelling
Sentence Fragments
Dr. Grammar FAQ

x Specialty - Gastroenterology
Gastroenterology Articles @ Medscape
Gastrointestinal Disorders @ WebMD
Digestive Diseases A-Z
Digestive System Glossary of Terms
Digestive System @ MedlinePlus
Atlas of Gastroenterological Endoscopy
Your Digestive System
Gastrointestinal Disorders (Merck)
GI Tests & Procedures
Gastroenterology Procedures
GI Procedures & Preparations
Digestive Diseases Fact Sheets
Digestive System - NIH
GI Endoscopy
CDC Ulcer
Digestive System Disease Links

x Specialty - Neurology
Neurologic Disorders (Merck)
Neurology & Psychiatry Glossary
Whole Brain Atlas
Brain & Neuro Center
Neurology Disorders Index
Neurology Articles @ Medscape
Nervous System
Neurosurgery Articles @ Medscape
Memory Key Glossary
Nervous System Diseases
Neurological Trauma Glossary
Neurological Disorders Index:
Spinal Cord Injury Glossary
Dept of Neurosurgery @ U of Pittsburgh
Search Engine for Neurosurgery
Neurosurgery @ Harvard
Brain Tumor Glossary Articles
Neurological Disorders Resources
Neurologic Diseases @ MedlinePlus
Neurologic Exam Videos and Descriptions
The Precise Neurological Exam
Neurologic Examination
Brain Imaging
Brain Pathology and Disease
Intro to Neuropathology
Nervous System Disease Link

x Specialty - ENT
ENT Disorders (Merck)

x Specialthy - Psychiatry
Virtual Psychology Classroom
Internet Mental Health
x MT Resources
Multi Dictionary Search (MT911)
Medical Transcription Word Help
Doctor Finder Search Engine
M e D i C a L e S e
Sylbie's MT Links
Joy's MT Resources
MT Reference Style Guide
Dictation Therapy For Doctors
Pronunciations of Medical Words
Mondofacto Medical Dictionary
MT Desk
MT Websites Searcher
Vinod's MT Blog
Shanda's Medical Transcription Help Site
Judy H's Word List
Busy B MT
Useful Links for MTs
MT911 Welcome Page
MediLexicon Main Page
MT Stars Word Help Board
KMLE Medical Dictionary
Medical Transcription Links by DEV
Medical Transcription Helping Hand

x Laboratory
Lab Values @ CPRWorks
Clinician's Reference Lab Values (Old Page)
Clinician's Reference Lab Values (New Page)
Pathology, Forensics & Virology Center

x Specialty - Endocrinology
Endocrinology Articles @ Medscape
Endocrinology (Book)
Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders (Merck)

x Specialty - Ophthalmology
Educational Eye Videos
Ophthalmology Articles @ Medscape
Eye Disorders (Merck)
Ophthalmology Terms

x Specialty - Surgery
Neurosurgery Articles @ Medscape
Laparoscopic Hernia Repair
Atlas of Pelvic Surgery
General Surgery Articles @ Medscape
Plastic Surgery Articles @ Medscape
Vascular Surgery Articles @ Medscape
Neurosurgery Articles @ Medscape
Anesthesiology & Surgery Center
Mental Disorder Links
Encyclopedia of Surgery
World Laparoscopy Hospital
Hernia Information
Online Laparoscopic Technical Manual
Spine Surgery Videos

x +++ Unsorted Links
Genetic Conditions
ISMP List of Dangerous Abbreviations
Internet Pathology Laboratory
Free Time Clock Software
Acronym Finder
Virtual Pathology Museum
Medical Images & Illustrations
Abbreviation List for MT
Medical Abbreviations / Acronyms =
Free Time Clock Software

x Local - 95437
TV Listings

x Reference
American Heritage Dictionary
White Pages
Yellow Pages
American Heritage Dictionary
Medical Dictionary Lookup
Medpedia articles
A.D.A.M. Medical Encyclopedia
Online Medical Encyclopedia

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