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x Learn To Tat!
Beginning Needle Tatting by Carol Forbes
Catherine Wheel Join by Debbie Arnold
Cluny Leaf How To by Mimi Dillman
Double Bobbin How To
Encapsulating Threads
Finishing Techniques in Tatting by Georgia Seitz
Hanging Cluny Leaf by Rozella Linden
Italian Instructions by Edda Guastalla
Knotless Tatting (Split Chains) by Wally Sosa
Practice Patterns
Reading Patterns (long, short, pictorial)
Spanish Tatting Terms Translated to English by Kim Millar
Tatting Terminology
Video Demo (this is where I

x Tatted Butterflies
A Summer's Memory - Four Butterfly Patterns by Mary Maynard
Butterfly #19 by Sherry Pence
Butterfly by Iris Niebach (Italian)
Butterfly by Lenore English
Butterfly by Riet Surtel-Smeulders
Butterfly by Wally Sosa
Butterfly Motif by Sabina Carden-Madden
Butterfly Red 1 by Edda Guastalla (Italian)
Butterfly Red 2 by Edda Guastalla (Italian)
Butterfly w/Cluny Leaves by Christel Wutzmer
Butterfly w/Ruth Scharf type leaves as wings by Gerda
Celtic Butterfly by Wally Sosa
Da Udder GR-8 Butterfly by Randy and Gary Houtz
Flowerfly by Wally Sosa
Fruit Bat by Ruth Perry (Spanish)
GR-8 Butterfly by Randy and Gary Houtz
Josephine Flowerfly by Wally Sosa
June Flowerfly by Wally Sosa

x Tatted Critters
Bat by Megumi
Bear- tiny by Abby
Bluebird of Happy Tatting by Wally Sosa
Bunny- tiny by Abby
Cat w/block tatting by Martha Ess
Chicken- tiny by Abby
Dinosaur- tiny by Abby
Dragonfly by Riet Surtel-Smeulders
Dragonfly- mini by Me! (Michelle Robertson)
Fish- tiny by Abby
Ki Bear by Karoline Huls
Ladybug by Nancy Tracy
Monkey- tiny by Abby
Mouse- tiny by Abby
Multicoloured Parrot by Mary Parrot
Owl- tiny by Abby
Parrot by Mary Parrott
Spider and a Fly by Ruth Perry
Spider on a Web by Dianna Stevens
Tootie Fruity (Bat) by Ruth Perry
Zena Dragonfly by Zena Herbert

x Tatted Crosses
Adriana by Edda Guastalla (Italian)
Beaded Dimple Cross by Riet Surtel
Bullion Stitch Cross by Ruth Perry
Cross by Riet Surtel-Smeulders
Entwined Arms of the Cross by Julie Patterson
Flavia by Edda Guastalla (Italian)
Heart-Lette by Julie Patterson
Pearl Tatted Cross by Roger aka/Freedman
Simple Cross Bookmark
Small Cross by eliz Davis

x Tatted Doilies
Arches Doily by Marilee Rockley
Blue Doily by Eileen Stafford (Spanish)
Center Bruna by Edda Guastalla (Italian)
Center Oval by Edda Guastalla
Center Oval Long by Edda Guastalla (Italian)
Center Rectangle by Edda Guastalla (Italian)
Center Square by Edda Guastalla (Italian)
Change the Rose by Edda Guastalla (Italian)
Concentric Rectangles by Edda Guastalla (Italian)
Diamonds Are Forever by Roger aka/Freedman
Doily 106
Doily Motif by Sabina Carden-Madden
Doily of Memories by Rose Rogers (Spanish)
Ettore Duchess Set by Edda Guastalla
Fluffy Doily to Cover a CD by Wally Sosa
Fusione by Edda Guastalla (Italian)
Perpetual Tablemat by Sabina Carden-Madden
Pink and White by Sue Johnson (Italian)
Quilting Thread Doily by Battatter
Red Rectangle by Edda Schneider (Italian)
Round Doily with Cluny Leaves by Stephanie Peters (and others)
Small Beaded Doily by Saundra Hammed (Spanish)
Small Square Single Shuttle by Edda Guastalla (Italian)
Sottobicchiere by Edda Schneider
Spanish Doily (Spanish)
Square Doily by Stephanie Peters (and others)
Starlight from an Old Patron by J & P Coats
Stars Marine by Edda Guastalla (Italian)
Summer Breeze Beaded Doily by Roger aka Freedman
Tableau Pequeo (Spanish)
Tatted and Crocheted Doily by Carolyn Groves
Tramezzo Iris by Edda Guastalla and Iris Niebach (Italian)
Triangular Center by Edda Guastalla (Italian)
Variation on Rose Rogers's Round Robin by Edda Guastalla

x Tatted Edgings
7 Single Shuttle Edgings inc/Ripple
Adriana by Edda Guastalla (Italian)
Au de Claire Edging by Sabina Carden-Madden
Basket Edge by Ila Frost
Block and Clover Edge by Ila Frost
Bunny Trim by Erin Holloway
Carla by Edda Guastalla (Italian)
Doily Edging by Sabina Carden-Madden
Edging by Josiah Jackson ‘J. J.’ Eubanks'
Hanky Edging
Heartline Edging by Battatter
Insertion for Curtains by Edda Guastalla (Italian)
Lace Basket Edge from 1916 Needlework Mag
Marie Antoinette Hees Book 5 Edging 7
Pearl Tatted, Floating Ring Edging by Roger aka/Freedman
Pumpkin Edging by Mark Myers (aka Tatman)
Single Shuttle by Edda Guastalla (Italian)
Sweet Christmas Edging by Ruth Perry
Tina Frauberger Edging 1913
Trio of Tatted Edgings by Bessie Barker
Valisa by Sabina Carden Madden
White and Blue by Edda Guastalla (Italian)

x Tatted Flowers
3D Iris - Page 1 by Marie Smith
3D Iris - Page 2 by Marie Smith
3D Iris w/block tatting by Sieglinde Grigat
3D Rose by Jeanne Luger (Italian)
Beaded Flower by Magret Hölscher
Chrysanthemum by Linda S Davies
Dancing Spring Flowers by Eliz Davis
Gentians by Edda Guastalla (Italian)
Holly - mini by Sabina Carden-Madden
Mama's Poinsettia Pin by Tammy Rodgers
Poligala by Edda Guastalla (Italian)
Primroses and Leaf by Edda Guastalla (Italian)
Springtime Daffodil by Inger Kirstensen
Summer Love Flowers by Mary Joseph Donohue
Tulip by Mary Joseph Donohue
Violet by Edda Guastalla (Italian)

x Tatted Hearts
34 Hearts by Emma Crew
Basic Split Ring Heart by Georgia Seitz
Beaded Heart by Helen Bailey
Beaded Heavenly Heart by Mary Joseph Donohue
Birthday Heart by Wally Sosa
Deana's Heart by Mary Joseph Donohue
Heart (Swiss Language) by Christel Weidmann
Heart Adaption of Antique Hanky Corner with Needleweaving by Erin Holloway
Heart by Irene Woo (Spanish)
Heart w/Pearls by Edda Guastalla (Italian)
Heart- mini by Ruth Perry aka/Rozella Linden
Lace Petals (Heart) by Mary Joseph Donohue
Meshed Heart by Wally Sosa
Rose Heart by Tina Neudorf
Rosemarie's Heart by Rosemarie Peel
SCMR Heart by Randy Houtz
Single Shuttle Heart by Valentina Shapareva (Spanish)
TatChat Heart by LaRae Mikulecky
Thankful Heart by Wally Sosa
Valentine Heart by Eva Shock
Valentine's Day Button and Beads Heart by Mary Maynard
Valentines Day Heart by Edda Guastalla (Italian)
Violet Heart by Edda Guastalla (Italian)

x Tatted Jewellery
Blue on Blue Earrings by Edda Guastalla (Italian)
Bracelets by Venessa Godfrey
Carnival Earrings by Marilee Rockley
Celtic Bracelet by Edda Guastalla (Italian)
Christmas Tree Earrings by Linda S Davies
Coin Bracelet by Bev Dillon
Communion Corsage by Edda Guastalla (Italian)
Corsage 2 by Lyn Morton
Corsage by Lyn Morton
Denise's Bracelet By Deborah Strickland
Dream Necklace and Earrings by Marilee Rockely
Earrings by Iris Niebach
Encore Earrings by Marilee Rockley
Frostfire Necklace and Earrings Set by Dawn McLaughlin
Green and Blue Earrings by Edda Guastalla (Italian)
Green and Copper Earrings by Edda Guastalla (Italian)
Hoop Earrings by Nancy Tracy
Ice Blossom Necklace and Earrings Set by Dawn McLaughlin
Ki Bear - Teddy Bear Earrings by Karoline Huls
Necklace BNL-107a by Nina Libin aka/Beanile
New Year's Eve Gala Earrings by Zena Herbert
Pink and Blue Earrings by Edda Guastalla (Italian)
Quickie Snowflake Earrings by Marilee Rockley
Radiance Necklace w/Polymer Clay by Marilee Rockley
Rainbow Earrings
Riet's Z-Chain SSSR Necklace by Riet Surtel
Rose Brooch by Jeanne Lugert
Tara's Bracelet Pattern by Tara Hamilton
Teardrop Polymer Clay Earrings by Marilee Rockley
Thistle Do Pin by Rita Cochrane
Turquoise and Pearls Necklace and Earrings by Edda Guastalla (Italian)
Vision Necklace by Marilee Rockley
Wreath Earrings by Sue Hanson
Zena Earrings by Zena Herbert

x Tatted Snowflakes
6 Point w/Block Tatting by Roger Lloyd aka/Freeman
Belle Flake by Julie Patterson
Birthday Snowflake 2006 by Wally Sosa
Birthday Snowflake 2006 by Wally Sosa (Spanish)
Birthday Snowflake by Wally Sosa
Bugle Snowflake by Carolyn Groves
Candlelight Snowflake by Sabina Carden-Madden
Celtic Twisted Ring Snowflake by Ruth Perry
Chill Snowflake
Christmas Snowflake by Julie Patterson
Elain Snowflake by Lily Morales (Spanish)
Fluffy Snowflake by Wally Sosa
Grace Snowflake
Gypsophila Snowflake by Roger Lloyd aka/Freedman
Heavily Beaded Snowflake
Ilusion Celestial by Wally Sosa (Spanish)
Maltese Pinwheel Snowflake by Eliz Davis
Nathaniel Snowflake by Roger Lloyd aka/Freedman
Shannan Snowflake by Roger aka/Freedman
Snow Crystal by Christel Wutzmer (German)
Snowflake by Greg Stanton (Spanish)
Snowflake by Isla Cavallaro (Italian)
Snowflake by Ruth Perry (Spanish)
Snowflake by Susan Taliaferro's
Snowflake by Wally Sosa (Spanish)
Snowflower Flake by Susan Fuller
Springtime Snowflake by Carolyn Groves
Star by Edda Guastalla (Italian)
Star w/Pearls by Edda Guastalla (Italian)

x Tatted Shapes/Motifs
1936 Hexagonal Cluny Motif
3D Roses by Kim Millar (Spanih)
Alphabet by Edda Guastalla (Italian)
Angel Adaptions by Carolyn Groves
Angel with Paisley Wings by Sheila Heneise
Angelique (Crinoline) by M.E. Shaw
Antique Hanky Corner with Needleweaving
Back to School Apple by Mark (aka Tatman)
Base Motif 1 by Neeledreams
Beaded Easter Egg by Eliz Davis
Beaded Wreath by Helen Bailey
Bell by Edda Guastalla (Italian)
Bonny (Crinoline) by M.E. Shaw
Broomstick by Ruth Perry
Button Easter Egg by Eliz Davis
Celtic Curly Wreath by Sabina Carden-Madden
Celtic Egg by Helen Bailey
Challice by Edda Guastalla (Italian)
Chancy (Crinoline) by M.E. Shaw
Chevron Motifs by Roger Lloyd aka/Freedman
Christmas Garland (Wreath) by Samantha Melnychuk (Spanish)
Christmas Wreath by Carol Forbes
Clover Motif by Mindy Al-Aaraji
Cluny Angel by Carol Amich
Cluny Eggs by Mimi Dillman
Cluny Leaf Motif by Saundra Hameed
Diamond by Roger Lloyd aka/Freedman
Double/Quadruple Picot Snowflake by Roger Lloyd aka/Freedman
Easter Egg by Edda Schneider (Italian)
Easter Egg by Helen Bailey
Emilia Angel by Eva Siding
Eva's Broom by Eva Shock
Fan Motif by Sabina Carden-Madden
FIFiore Ciondolo Rosa by Cinzia Gabrieli
Fiore Ciondolo – 1 Rosso by Cinzia Gabrieli
Five Point Star by Roger Lloyd aka/Freedman
Ghost- tiny by Abby
Grapevine by Joy Critchfield
Half Moon Split Ring Practice Motif by Sabina Carden-Madden
Halloween Skeleton by Carol Amich
Hat Motif by Eliz Davis
Heart's Desire by Mary Joseph Donohue
Hen & Chick Cross by Barbara Tozzano
Heptagon by Roger Lloyd aka/Freedman
Hexagon by Roger Lloyd aka/Freedman
Holly Leaves by Toni Storer
Holy Family by Edda Guastalla (Italian)
Icecream by Eliz Davis
Intermezzo Cinzia Gabrieli's
Key Chain Shamrock by Cristina Banyard
Kite with Cluny Tail by Mimi Dillman
Lighthouse by Wally Sosa
Lupie Angel by Wally Sosa
Maple Leaf by Tammy M Rodgers
Martina Angel by Riet Surtel-Smeulders
Motif 3 by Needledreams
Motif 4 by Needledreams
Motif 5 by Needledreams
October Motif by Needledreams
Oval by Roger Lloyd aka/Freedman
Pearl Tatted Skeleton by Marth Ess
Pentagon by Roger Lloyd aka/Freedman
Picot Easter Egg by Eliz Davis
Priscilla's Shamrock
Pumpkin by Mary Maynard
Pumpkin- tiny by Abby
Rectangle by Roger Lloyd aka/Freedman
Rita's Angel by Riet Surtel-Smeulders
Rose and Leaf by Lisa C. Trumble
September Motif by Needledreams
Shamrock by Lyn
Shamrock Wreath by Martha Ess
Shuttle by Debbie Drake
Shuttle by Edda Guastalla (Italian)
Small Motif w/Cluny Leaves by Stephanie Peters
Snowflake or Rosette/Medallion by Etha Schuette
Snowman - tiny by Abby
Square by Mary Donohue
Square by Roger Lloyd aka/Freedman
Square Motif by Mary Joseph Donohue
Star Beaded Simple Angel by Sabina Carden-Madden
Strawberry by Martha Ess
Tat Chat Shuttle by Eliz Davis
TatChat Shuttle by Beth Zipay
Tatted Celtic Angels by Ruth Perry aka/Rozella Lindin
Tatting and Hairpin Lace Motif by Mark Myers
Triangle by Roger Lloyd aka/Freedman
Tuscia- a Tatted Bow by Anne Meloni
Valeire Square
Valeire Square Adaptions by Eliz Davis
Valeire Square by Eliz Davis (a different host)
Variations Mrs. Beeton pg. 8 1870 by Wally Sosa
Variations on Mrs. Beeton's Rosette by Gina Brummet
Variations on Mrs. Beeton's Tatting Revisited by Wally Sosa
Vidalia, the Sweet Onion Angel by Lenore English and Hope Green
Witch by Mark (aka Tatman)

x Tatted Wearables
Baby Booties by Mrs. C. B. Platt (Spanish)
Booties by Glynda Black
Corbetalabina Amulet Bag by Sabina Carden Madden
Lotus Bag by Mark Myers
Scrunchy by Wally Sosa
x Tatting
1916 tatting book scans
3d roses
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Adding New Thread
Amy's Tatted Bookmark Pattern - Mielke's Farm
angelique belle
Antique Pattern Library - Tatting patterns
bookmarks &crosses
BOOTIES Stitching, Stitching
campana di Cinzia
Cas's Tatting - aussie
Cas's Tatting - home
Cas's Tatting - Shuttles
Celtic Bookmark - KEZ
Craft Site Directory - Tatting
domestic arts
Dreams of Lace
Dreams of Lace Pattern Surfer
DS9Designs--Tatting and Beads
E-Tatters Webring
eTatters Online Tatting Guild - Powered by vBulletin
Free tatting patterns.
German Butterflies
Google Directory - Arts Crafts Lacemaking Tatting
haj index
Have Shuttle, Will Tat by Lenore English
Hummingbird Pattern
Il chiacchierino di Isla
Index to Tatting Information on the Web
Ingers orkis
intertwining picots
Japanese Tatting
Loopy Lacer's Store on the Web Free Patterns
Mimi Dillman's Home Page
Needle Tatting Two
needles n shuttles
No Dead Links - Tatting
Open Directory - Arts Crafts Lacemaking Tatting
paisley pattern
Paradise Treasures
Patterns at Tat's All
pretty doily
pretty edging
rosette to try imitate
Round Tatted Box
Shuttle Tatting instructions
Spanish Patterns
Tat's All presents Lisa's Dragonfly
TatChat Patterns
tatted box
Tatted hearts doily pattern. - KEZ
Tatted Shamrock Wreath
Tatted Shuttle bye Debbie
tatterville links (lots)
Tatting & Design
Tatting Instructions and Free Patterns
Tatting Lacemaking at Canadian Content
TATTING martha c
Tatting Pattern Calendar
Tatting Patterns
Tatting Patterns and Techniques
Tatting Patterns by Jane Eborall
Tatting Site Map - Tatting @
The Archive of Tatting Books in the Public Domain
The Tatters' Paradise Patterns
Thistle Book Mark Pattern
Will Tat For Thread
y360 Needledreams's Profile

x Tatting Blogs
Riet Surtel-Smeulders aka/Bengel
Alicia's Tatting Blog
Clyde the Mad Tatter
Eliz Davis
Gail aka/Glow Tats
Jane Eborall
Marilee Rockley aka/Yarnplayer
Mary Joseph Donohue aka/Icela
Melissa Honey Bee's Bliss
My Blog (Michelle Robertson)
Needledreams Tat-Along
Ruth Perry aka/Rozella Linden
Sherry Pence
Sue Fuller
Sue Hanson

x Tatting Homepages
Abigail and Susanna Paul aka/Tatted Blessings
Adding New Thread by Sabina Carden-Madden
Andrea and Amy Mielke
Anitra Stone aka/Mad Tatter
Caryoln Groves aka/Mdtatter
Christel Weidmann Swiss Tatting
Dawn McLaughlin First Light Lace
Edda Guastalla aka/Il Chiacchierino
Frivolite (Spanish)
Frivolite MSN Group (Spanish)
Helen Bailey
Julie Patterson aka/TATT (Two Aussie Tatting Twits)
Lois T. Pettry aka/The Mad Tatter
M.E. Shaw
Marilee Rockley aka/Yarnplayer
Mary Joseph Donohue aka/Icela
Nina Libin aka Beanile
Paradise Treasures by Sabina Carden-Madden
Roger Lloyd aka/Freedman The Social Shuttle
Sherry Townsend aka/ Celtic Dream Weaver
Stephanie Peters
Tat-ra Sutra
Tatinguresu (Japanese)
Toni Storer aka/TATT (Two Aussie Tatting Twits)
Wally Sosa aka/NeedleDreams aka/Needles n Shuttles

x Tatted Miscellany
Angel Wings by Christa Burr (Angel Pattern not working)
Angel Wings for Tassel Angel
Antique Beadspread Basic Design
Balls for the Christmas Tree by Edda Guastalla (Italian)
Breast Cancer Ribbon by Sylvia Maziarz
Candle Wraps (Edging) by Edda Guastalla (Italian)
Candle Wraps 1 (Edging) by Edda Guastalla (Italian)
Covering Blown Eggs by Christa Burr
Creative Buttons by Brigitte Nettles
Easter Egg by Eliz Davis
French Tatting Terms Translated to English
German Tatting Terms Translated to English
Glass Identifiers (for parties etc) by Edda Guastalla (Italian)
Heart of the Garden by Terry McGuffin
Isabella Bell Ornament by Terry McGuffin's
Italian Tatting Terms Translated to English
Key Cover by Edda Guastalla (Italian)
Lucky Coin Keychain by Edda Guastalla
Mardi Gras Mask by Helen Bailey
Needlecase by Mark Myers
New Year Card Template by Julie Patterson
Padded Icicle by Roger Lloyd aka/Freedman
Pillar Candle Holder/Decoration by Roger Lloyd aka/Freedman
Pineapple "crochet" Motif by Sheron Goldin
Scissor Finder by Eliz Davis
Spanish Tatting Terms Translated to English
Tea Light Candle Holder by Sabina Carden-Madden
Translating Russian Tatting Terms to English by Nina Libin aka/Beanile
Wheel Hat by Marth Ess

x Antique Public Domain Books
Tatting or Frivolite by Mrs Mee and Miss Austin
x Crochet
Strawberry 'Jamma Bag Pattern
ABCentral Barbie
Angel - Auntie M's Free Patterns
Antique Pattern Library - crochet patterns
Bags - PLC Designs
Bella Crochet Library
Bella Online
Berroco® Free Pattern Beatrice
Bookmark - Auntie M's Free Patterns
Bruge Lace
bruger ribbon haaksteken les crochet tutorial
Brügger Häkelei - Gehäkelte Spitzen für den Wohmbereich
Butterfly Tablecloth(page 6)
butterfly washcloth
Celt's Vintage Crochet
CJs Crochet Patterns
Crinoline Ladies for Guest Towels
Crochet and Other Stuff Baby Mittens - Free Pattern
Crochet Chronicles Layered Dimensions Crochet Flower
Crochet Crafts - 189 manually selected sites
Crochet freebies
Crochet Hook Case
Crochet Memories, Free Wedding Shell Fan Pattern
Crochet Pattern Central
Crochet Patterns Index
Crochet Table Pattern Index
Crochet Table Pattern Links Misc. Gifts
Crochet World Free Patterns
Crochet! -- Talking crochet ...
Crocheted Easter Basket Decoration
Crocheted hat
DMC Free Crochet Designs
dutch free crochet patterns
dutch toy patterns
Fashion Doll Fantasy
Filigree Bookmark
Flat Braid Square Joining Method
Free Crafts Crafts Projects and Patterns to Make Easy Homemade Gifts
Free Crochet Pattern Lion Wool Felted Hook 'Book'
Free Crochet Patterns and Crochet Projects
Free Crochet Patterns and More
Free crochet patterns from Crochet Treasures.
Free Pattern Download
Free Patterns
Free Patterns! Fresh Off the Drawing Board of Nancy Hearne, Designs
GLITTERY TUNIC & CAP - Groovy Crochet
head dress ¡The AntiCraft!
heart sachet
HeartMadeBlessings.ORG - Patterns
Hello Kitty Doily
hello kitty purse
i can make it myself - Projects
Index of Crochet Patterns
Jack the Cat Miniature Thread Crochet Pattern
Jeanne Zukowski's Bruges Crochet & Tatting
Jen's Stuffed Toy Archive
Jen's Stuffed Toy Archive - Sea Creatures
lacy crocheted basket
Learn crochet techniques
Lion Brand By Kids For Kids (BK4K) Newsletter December, 2006
Martha C Inreah Stargazer
Mary Jane Slippers
Mom's Crystal Star Doily
myHq chunkie crochet munkies favorite links!
myHq Crochet Poet's Pattern Collection
myHq Knit, Crochet & More
myHq Trish's Treasure Trove of Crochet
p2 designs - Charity Patterns & Free Patterns
Patty's Crochet Patterns
PEASANT DRESS - Groovy Crochet
Pineapple Butterfly pattern
Planet Cinnaminn - My List of Annie's Attic Free Daily Patterns (TOC)
Quicky Bookmark
Round Ripple Afghan
Safari Sniffers Crochet me Magazine
Stitching, Stitching » Blog Archive » Stash Raiding
sugar spun basket
Sullivans International Pty Ltd
Talking Crochet
The Crochet Works
The NDSU Libraries Germans From Russia
The Pattern Search Board - Can Anyone Help
Thread Crochet and Snowflakes
Thread Crochet Links
Translated version of
Translated version of
Valentine Baskets
Vyazannye flowers Crafts and Hobbies Crochet
Web Of Angels Class Room - Crafty College
Welcome to Crochet Partners
Welcome to Luv 2 Crochet!
Yo Yo Angel
Zela.RU - crocheted models catalogue description.
» Calla Lily Buffet Set Doily » Free Crochet Patterns at

x Crochet Accessories

x Baby Crocheted Clothes
Baby Booties Pattern
baby Sneakers crochet pattern
Cowboy booties directions
Lil Sunhat
Ruffled Sunhat Pattern
Strawberry Cardigan & Cap

x Crocheted Barbie/11.5

x Crochet Toys
Amigurumi Patterns & Random Cuteness Zequi the bear )

x Crocheted Blankets/Afghans/Thr

x Childrens Crocheted Clothes

x Crochet Doilies

x Ladies Crocheted Clothes
x Knitting
?????.????  ????????????  zowie
cabbage roses
Drops short jacket with ties in Alpaca” and “Vivaldi” ~ DROPS Design
itsrek-Knitting Patterns Book 250 - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Free online Knitting Videos! Knitting Abbreviations and Terms
knitty Spring 2007 - Monica
MagKnits, your friendly online knitting magazine
SHETLAND LACE DESIGN Shetland knitting

x Knitted Accessories

x Baby Knitted Clothes

x Knitted Barbie/11.5

x Knitted Blankets/Afghans/Throw

x Childrens KnittedClothes
Boogie! - Kidlet Tank pattern
Cotton Candy Capped Sleeved Shirt
Cotton Chenille Girl's Jumper -  free knitting pattern for little girl's jumper
very berry tshirt

x Ladies Knitted Clothes

x Knitted Toys

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