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x Local - 77477
TV Listings
Sopping Guide

x Reference
White Pages
Yellow Pages
x News
New York Times
USA Today

x Sports
Total Baseball

x Finance
Motley Fool
Yahoo Quotes
x Career
Career Mosaic
Monster Board

x Travel
Map Quest

x Download
ZDNet Software
Shopping Guide
x Good Website
Fish Finder

x Good Website
Shopping Guide

x Email
Mark Lyon's GMail Loader (GML) - Import Your Mail into GMail

Agile PLM Industry Solutions | Outsourced Design & Manufacturing
Arena Solutions | Delivering Product Lifecycle Management On-Demand
SofTech - Product Lifecycle Management PLM Software Solutions Overview

x Design
IAwiki: IAwiki
Axon Idea Processor
Alain de Botton, the architecture of happiness, the consolations of philosophy,
Magic Ink: Information Software and the Graphical Interface
Couping and Cohesion
Information Design Patterns
Cymbolism | Words & Colors | A visual exploration on mapping complex networks
Welcome to the Hillside Group Web Pages
The Psychology of Navigation
Why good design comes from bad design - UIWEB.COM
Reptition / Kingdom pattern analogy
The Heroic Manifesto, 5th Edition
Dreamsongs / Richard Gabriel The HCI Patterns Pages
The Interaction Design Patterns Home Page
HCI Pattern-Form Gallery
A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods
Lost Garden: One Billion Buttons Please: Should we build features for experts or
VisualIDs: Scenery for Data Worlds
Jesse James Garrett: information architecture resources
Ideas for Enhancing Information Representation - information aesthetics
Open Visualization Data Explorer

x Charity
American Rivers :: Restore. Protect. Enjoy.
Boys & Girls Clubs of America
CARE USA: Where the end of poverty begins...
Center for Watershed Protection
GuideStar - The National Database of Nonprofit Organizations
Common Cause - Citizens working to end special-interest politics and reform gove
Mercy Corps
National Wildlife Federation - Homepage
Oxfam America
Pathfinder International: Changing Lives, Saving Lives
PfP Home
Project Vote Smart -
The Rainforest Alliance Home Page
River Network ~ river information and resources to help you protect and restore
EarthSave International - promoting a shift toward a healthy plant-based diet
Chicago Coalition for the Homeless
Growing Home
African Wildlife Foundation: About AWF
Welcome to ACCION International - Home ACCION International - world's leading mi
American Forests
Americans United: Home Page
World Villages for Children
Home - Big Brothers Big Sisters
Freedom from Hunger - empowering women and fighting hunger through microcredit
Welcome to Friends of the Earth
Izaak Walton League of America - Outdoor America's Future
League of Women Voters: About LWV: LWVEF
National Coalition for the Homeless
National Right to Work Committee
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)
Rainforest Action Network Campaigns: Direct action for the forests
The Official Save the Children Site: Working to create real and lasting change i
SOS Children's Villages-USA
Welcome to Stand Up For Kids
National Resource Conservation through the Student Conservation Association
Mission and Values
United Way of America -
Welcome to VolunteerMatch
World Neighbors helps communities help themselves!

x My Stuff
Justin Love's Web Page
Bloglines | My Feeds
Calendars.Net: Free Interactive Web Calendar Hosting

x Bills
Phone - SBC

x Friends
Rachel - Welcome to Television Ponchos Pilot
thas (Jeff K.)
Crow (MySpace)
Rob Hansen - Welcome! - Sepia-toned Goddess - 31 - Female -

x Fox Valley
The Game Escape Website: News
Kane County Projects
Lazy River Music & Arts Festival
Vanguard Community Management | Welcome
South Elgin,IL, 60177 Forecast & Current Weather
Weather Street: SOUTH ELGIN, ILLINOIS (IL) 60177 weather forecast
Best find finder reviews
Macbook hk

x Compilers
The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure Project

x Pressure Points
Acupuncture . PC1 . Tian Chi . Pericardium Meridian
Interactive Acupuncture Chart
Wing Chun Kwoon

x Tai Chi
Simplified Standard 24 Movement Form T'ai Chi Ch'uan (Yang Style): Bibliography,
tai chi 24 forms

x Javascript
Douglas Crockford's Javascript
Canvas tests - index
Mozilla javascript privilege elevation
Code snippets:Canvas - MDC
Surfin�019 Safari - Blog Archive � Announcing SquirrelFish
JSLint, The JavaScript Verifier

x To be read
Great Works in Programming Languages
IASA - Skills Library
Applied Metamodelling: A Foundation for Language Driven Development | Lambda the
Viewpoints Research Institute - Best Online Documentaries
Design Concepts in Programming Languages - The MIT Press
Design Beyond Human Abililties
Industry Misinterpretations 121: Domain Specific Modeling
Natural Deduction Reading for Beginners | Lambda the Ultimate
Teaching Discrete Mathematics
C-- Home
The Cat Programming Language
Software Craftsmanship: Apprentice to Journeyman [Software Craftsmanship: From A
AdaCore - The GNAT Pro Company
The Pragmatic Bookshelf | The Ruby Object Model and Metaprogramming
Nonpareil Home Page
Using Your Own URL as Your OpenID - Blog - Stack Overflow
We Now Support Multiple OpenIDs - Blog - Stack Overflow
On Being A Journeyman Software Craftsman
Chrome Experiments - Home

x In Circuit Emulators
EPI - MAJIC Intelligent JTAG Debug Probe Datasheet
Abatron, BDM, JTAG, GDB, Metrowerks, Tornado, Tasking, COSMIC, Debugger,
ARM and Intel JTAG In-Circuit Emulators
Ashling Microprocessor Emulator Product Range
RealView Multi-ICE
Lauterbach GmbH - TRACE32 Microprocessor Development Tools, Emulators, Debuggers
SIGNUM - Embedded Development Tools
Nohau Corporation home page - for Microcontroller In-circuit Emulators

x Database
Dabo Desktop Application Framework

x Misc
Lulu : Marketplace for a World of Digital Content
Kane Co., IL: Electronics & Books Recycling Days
Dan's 20th. Century Abandonware -- just the best apps ... period!
CTX075552 - Troubleshooting ICA 32-bit and Web Client
A. S. Neill's Summerhill School > Estimating the Airspeed Velocity of an Unladen Swallow

x Stores
The Printer Works - HP LaserJet Printers, Parts, Supplies, Accessories

x Work
Lost Garden: Rules of Productivity Presentation

x Utility - TimeTool for Windows
Invaluable Technologies Energy Consulting - Residential Demand Response, LLC

x Community Design
Walkable Communities, Inc.
What is America WALKs?
CNU: Congress for the New Urbanism

x Downloads
yahoo2mbox: Archiver for Yahoo! Groups
DirectX 5
DSS player - OLYMPUS Voice Processing (printer drivers, cdrom drivers, modem drivers, sound drivers, m
Dll files

x Programming
operator(7) - C operator precedence and order of evaluation
TouchGraph - graph layout project
The SNIPPETS archives project
Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) 1.0 Specification
All The Code - Source Code Search Engine
ivan krsti�107 � code culture � Languages and security: a short reading li
The Poetry of Programming Main Page
Jamie on Game Development (blog)
Tabs versus Spaces
The Win95 Game Programmer's Encyclopedia
3D Engines List
OpenGL - High Performance 2D/3D Graphics
The Nexus Game Programming Page
Programmers' Heaven
GDSE - The Game Programming and Design Search Engine
AlgoVista -- The Algorithmic Search Engine
6809 Emulation Page.
GPWiki - Home Page
Bicycle Repair Man! (python refactoring) - Generating random numbers
Tutorial: An introduction of STL for beginners
CRC: A Paper On CRCs
Regular Expression Matching Can Be Simple And Fast

x PC graphics
Interrupt 10h Video Reference
OpenGL FAQ and Troubleshooting Guide
My own little DirectX FAQ
Welcome to Gameversity - A 2D Render Base Using Policy Based Design

x Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Reinforcement Learning Repository at MSU - Background
Research Abstracts - Foundations of Artificial Intelligence and Learning

x PC programming
Gavin019s Guide to 80x86 Assembly - Part 7
Protected Mode Basics
The PC's Parallel Port
The Programmer's File Format Collection
exclusive windows
Gamasutra - Nine Paths To Indie Game Greatness
Linux Programming
Software Engineering

x Music
PG Music Inc. - Band-in-a-Box, PowerTracks Pro Audio, and More... - The Social Music Revolution
Loreena McKennitt Official Website
Understanding Music
Harmony Central: Effects Resources
Wizard's Weave
Pandora - Find New Music, Listen to Custom Internet Radio Stations
Peroxide Mocha - A Band! From The Internet!

x Harps
Harps at The Harp Connection
Book of Harp Arrangements by Lynn Saoirse
The Session: Tunes - The Glasgow (reel)
Triplett Harps
Heartland Harps;Harps:Celtic harps, Celtic harp music, Celtic harps for sale, fo
John Kovac - Harpmaker
American Harp Society
Welcome to the Sylvia Woods Harp Center
The Harp Haven
ISFHC Front Page
The Harp Page
Musicmaker's Kits
Argent Fox Music
Harp Spectrum
Lyon & Healy West -- Welcome
Tam_lin.gif (GIF Image, 656x349 pixels)

x Composition
Joseph Schillinger System of Musical Composition
Brahms' Rules of Musical Composition Lessons in music theory for beginners to the very advanced
Harmony in Tonal Music
ChordWizard Overview
The abc home page

x Virus
Win32/Codalush Family - CA

x Education
The Underground History of American Education - John Taylor Gatto
Why We Banned Legos - Volume 21 No. 2 - Winter 2006 - Rethinking Schools Online
The Quadrivium
Poem: The Average Child

x Jobs
Printer Lock
Rent A Coder:How Software Gets Done
RegShare - An overview of Shareware Registration Services

x Web Services
A real-world use of lift - CircleShare Blog
Haskell web store | Lambda the Ultimate
XML-RPC Specification

x Games
Dvorak Card Game - The Copyright Fight Deck
Fair Play Games
Worldwide Gamers Database
Glass Plate Game
Glastyn Games - Links
CCG Workshop, LLC - Play Strategy Games...Online!
BBC - Science & Nature - Climate Challenge
Woobieworld rules
The Games Journal - December, 2002
The Board Game Designers Forum
Gnostica (Zarcana improved)
Card Games
DiGRA - Digital Games Research Association
Game Studies
Principles of acting for animation
Games Plus: Home Page
Convention Listings by Jenga Home Page
Midwest conventions
DiGA | Home
Simultaneous Movement Board Game Design Competition - Finalists
Home of the Underdogs
The Board Gamesbook: Home Page
Taxonomy of Icehouse Games
Piecepack Taxonomy
Origami game
FrontPage - Piecepack Wiki
Games and Tools - The Deck of Boards
Brett 'n' Board: Welcome!
Lost Garden
Experimental Gameplay - Entertainment Technology Center, CMU
Medieval Borderlands

x Online Games
BBC - Science & Nature - Climate Challenge
Persuasive Games - We design, build, and distribute electronic games for persuas
Jennifer Government: NationStates
A Tale in the Desert
Lords of Conquest
Kongregate: Play Free Online Games & Upload Your Own Games

x Role Playing
Amber Short Stories by Roger Zelazny
Forgotten Futures, The Scientific Romance Role Playing Game
Uncle Bear's rpg pages
Everway Content

x Game Design Resources
Rehtmeyer Design & Licensing | Main
fun - antifactory
Design Considerations
Game Design Flowchart
Sci-fi author at GDC
Full Link List for Game Design Wiki
Reasonably Septaweekly
Out Of The Box Publishing: Apples to Apples - Blank Cards
Game Theory 1.1
Game Taxonomy - Evolutionary Design
Games Lab WelcomeVisitor
Gamasutra - Postcard from GDC 2004: Why We Play Games: The Four Keys to Player E
Meaningful choices
GRAB - News (Great Lakes Games)
A Theory of Fun for Game Design OFFICIAL WEBSITE
Meepleland: Typical mistakes in boardgame design
Journal of Boardgame Design
Strange Agency - Game Analysis Software, Game Analysis Reports, Concept Games, G
nanDECK - a Software for Card Games Designers
Ken Perlin's homepage
Ken Perlin's Law
A Grammer of Gameplay
Dr. Dobb's | Interactive Storytelling | September 6, 2006
Ad Lib Game Development Society - Statistically Speaking, It's Probably a Good Game, Part 1: Proba - Rethinking Carrots: A New Method For Measuring What Players Find
nanDECK - a Software for Card Games Designers
Ernest W. Adams - The No Twinkie Database!
Gamasutra - The Watery Pachinko Machine of Doom: Project Horseshoe's Thoughts On
FontStruct | Build, Share, Download Fonts
Board Game Bits, Your source for game supplies
LackeyCCG - Play any CCG Online, or make your own. Mac or PC.
Tasty Cupcakes - Tasty Cupcakes
Lost Garden: The Princess Rescuing Application: Slides
Bloglines | My Feeds (0) (4)
Gamasutra - Features - The 13 Basic Principles of Gameplay Design
Gamasutra - Features - The Four Perspectives of Game Design: Insight from the Mo
The Game Crafter - Your game REALIZED - Home
Behavioral Game Design
The Psychology of Choice
Positive Feedback
Ernest W. Adams
Fourteen Forms of Fun
Games Concepts
Andrew Looney's Game Design Principles
Clarity - Under the Strategy Tree
FrontPage - Game Design Wiki
Sloperama Productions
The 400 Project
Computer Games and Digital Cultures
Interactive Show, Dont Tell
Game Design Methods: A 2003 Survey
Funagain Games: Interview with Reiner Knizia
Ludum Dare - Independent Game Development News and Information
League of Extraordinary Game Developers
The collected game design rants of Marc LeBlanc - Fun factor for game developers
Journal of Elegant Game Design
What is a game - gamesjournal
What Is a Game?
Rules of Play - The MIT Press
The Forge :: GNS and Other Matters of Role-Playing Theory, Chapter 2
Die Spieleautorenseite
Game Design Course
Chris Crawford
Chris Crawford interview
Risk Analysis -- Techniques for Achieving Play Balance
Taipei Ludographic Game Design Workshop
Taipei Ludographic Workshop: Symbolic Theory of Game Design
Brent Gulanowski - Games
game girl advance: Brenda Laurel at Stanford - Videogame Theory
IGDA - Ivory Tower - Apr03
Video-fenky: Miyamoto's Tokyo Univ. Lecture - Chris Crawford on Game Design, Chapter 21: Balance of Power
Board Game Inventors
A Game Rating System
Game - Wikipedia
Shortening Long Games
To Boldly Go...
Game Design 201
Neuropsychology & Game Design
Rules of Play - The MIT Press
Game Theory 2.1
Castle Paradox
The Experimental Gameplay Workshop
ACM MemberNet - Computers In Entertainment
Welcome to Hidden Agenda
ACM: Computers in Entertainment
formula for family game
Game theory - Wikipedia
addictive game play
Bruce Shelley interview - comments on Sid Meier
SpieleAutorenWiki - Leitfaden.Startseite
Edgames Links
EDTEC 670 - Exploratory Learning Through Simulation and Games
Board Game Design First Steps
The Electronic Book Review
Gamasutra - Features -
Innovate - Video Game Studies and the Emerging Instructional Revolution
GameGame blog
Gamasutra - Feature -
Risk in Game Design
The Wargamer - Editorial: Games Research Project, 1st Sortie
Game Designers Workshop
Lost Garden
Project Horseshoe
Lost Garden: Creating a system of game play notation
Project Horseshoe Workgroup Report Index
Project Horseshoe Workgroup Report Index - Rock Paper Scissors - A Method for Competitive Game Play Design
Interaction design patterns
Gamasutra - Designing for Motivation
Gamasutra - The Chemistry Of Game Design
The collected game design rants of Marc LeBlanc
Gamasutra - Breaking Down Breakout: System And Level Design For Breakout-style G
Chimera | Features | Ten Wings
Game Diagrams
Water Cooler Games - Chris Crawford's Nine Breakthroughs
Gamasutra - The Pursuit of Games: Designing Happiness
Lost Garden: What actitivies can be turned into games?
Reiner Knizia: Creation of a Successful Game
Gamasutra - Emotion Engineering: A Scientific Approach For Understanding Game Ap
Game Design Book and Classes information page
Game Design Central Home Page - dedicated to bringing the world the best board g
Untitled Document
Gamasutra - Features - Making Games Art: The Designers' Manifesto
Vol 2 (2009)
Lost Garden: Flash Love Letter (2009) Part 1

x Information Management
WebGrid III
Cogito, Inc.
OSAF - Chandler (new Agenda)
NNDB Mapper: Release 266.794
A List Apart: Articles: Mapping Memory: Web Designer as Information Cartographer

x Ruby
Rubinius : A Ruby virtual machine with teeth
.c( whytheluckystiff )o. -- Seeing Metaclasses Clearly
Ola Bini: Programming Language Synchronicity: The Ruby singleton class
Blog - RushCheck
Ruby Reports

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