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x Social Studies
The Official Iditarod Website
Presidential Trivia
Nat Geo for Kids
Copy Cat - Geography Games
Continent Games
Geo Net
America Games/Puzzles
George Washington World
Colonial Williamsburg Field Trip
Ben's Guide to the US
World Almanac for Kids
Name that State
Lewis & Clark Game
America's Story
Colonial America
Tour the Mayflower
Virtual Field Trips
Museum Spot
Geo Spy
Globe Rider
Digital History Timeline
50 States
Class Brain
Tour the Mayflower
Follow the Voyage of the Mayflower
Explore the States
Social Studies Text Book
State Name Match
American REvolutionary War
5th Grade Explorer Project
If It Were My Home
Go West Project
Regions of Africa
Google Earth
Interactive American Revolution
Time Period Field Trip
Journey on the Mayflower
Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

x Optical Illusions
Optical Illusions
NIEHS Optical Illusions for Kids
Optical Illusions and Pictures
Color Cure Illusions
88 Optical Illusions & Visual Phenomena
Optical Illusion Gallery

x Computer Lab
Computer Lab
Net Smart Kids
Doug's Safe Surfing Tips
Brain Pop Movie - Safety
Online Safety Quiz
How Computer Work
Welcome to the Web
Learn to Make Videos
Skype in Classroom
History of Computers
Wacona Elementary School
Making Web Pages
Chat Danger
Net Tips for Kids
Inside a Computer
Elementary Tech Lessons
Web Search Strategies
Interactive Tools
Cool Things for Websites

x Tutorials
Movie Maker Tutorial
Baycon Group Tutorials
Cartoon Excell Tutorial
Cartoon Power Point Tutorial

x Reference
Spanish Dictionary
Kid's Search Tools
Web Searches by Librarians
Rhyming Dictionary
Quintura Kis
Searchy Pants
German Dictionary
Fact Monster
Word Central
Fact Monster
Kids Click
Kid Rex Search Engine
x Holidays
Billy Bear's Christmas
Christmas Around the World
Christmas Binder
Carve A Pumpkin
Black Dog's Holiday
Christmas Around the Worlds
Build A Snowman

x Teacher Websites
Professional Dev - Computers
Using Digital Cameras in the Classroom
Children's Museum
FOSS Videos
Power Point Games/Jeopardy
Discovery Education
Harcourt Science Page
FOSS duplicates - half sheets
Incredible Art Department
DickBlick Art
Love and Logic Classroomo
Pics for Teachers
Science Notebooks
Online Sticky Notes
Behavior Game
Digital Librarian (wow)
100 Virtual Field Trips
Learner dot org
Power Point Games
Googel Apps for the Educator
Convert Your Handwriting Into Font
Interactive Websites
Cube Creator
Virtual Field Trips
More Virtual Field Trips
And Even MORE Virtual Field Trips
Read Write Think
Olathe School District
FOSS Science Notebooks
Kinder Art
Art Projects for Kids
Atlantis Art
Love and Logic Gold
ESD101 Workshops
Teacher Tube
30Online Resources for PBL
APPS to use in education
NOAA Science Workbooks
Free Technology for Teachers
130 Online Tools
Feedback Tool
Live Binders - Online Binder
Donors Choose
Flip Books
Flat Classroom Projects
Rubrics 4 Teachers
Common Craft Videos
Google Earth for Educators
Project Based Learning
Monster Gallery (love)
Changing Paradigms
Power Point Games
Dinah Zike's Foldables
Khan Academy
NatGeo Education
Science Net Linnks
History Explorer
Neo K-12 Videos

x Language Arts
Giggle Poetry
Letter Generator
Make Your Own Comics
Power Proofreader
Poetry for Kids
Power Writing
Power Write - Transition Words
Adolescent Literacy
Scholastic's The Stack
Spelling and Vocab Games
Fifth Grade Site Words
Acronym Finder
Creative Writing Prompts
Punctuation Paintball
Rhyme Zone
Spell A Roo
Into the Book
Flip A Chip
Wacky Web Tales - Like Mad Libs
Story Starters
Book Adventure
Scott Foresman Reading
ABCYa Word Clouds
Research Helper
Bibliography Maker
Create Bibliography
Scholastic's Character Scrapbook
Online Magnetic Poetry
Fun Word Games
Vocabulary Pinball
Read to Me
Word Whizz
Dr, Seuss Story Maker
x Brain Boosters
Brain Boosters
Brain Teasers
Brain Binders
Brain Den
Brain Teaser Websites
Brain Food
Brain Games
Places to Educate Yourself
Creative Puzzles
Smart Kit
Eye Exercises
E-Learning Courses for Kids

x Games/Fun Stuff
Light Up Your Brain Games
Fun Brain
Fun School
Chateau Meddybemps
PBS Kids
A Game A Day
I Spy
Surf the New
Jig Zone
Hydro Maze
Word Shake
ABCYa Computer Games
Children's Museum of Indianapolis
Jig Zone (puzzles)
I love pickles
Lite Brite
Stop Fram Animator
Cyberchase Games
Daily Jigsaw Puzzle
Kidz Page
Create a Helix
Brain Pop's Featured Movie
Free Rice
Audio Sauna
5th Grade Scavenger Hunt
Bubble Wrap
Sheppard Educational Games
Jigsaw Planet
Duck - Think Outside the Flock
Penguine Restaraunt Game
Educational Games
Fuel The Brain
Flabby Physics
Solid Edge Garage
Dog Bone
Online Chess
Monster Bus

x Test Taking
Texas Standardized Test
Mississippi Science Test
Alabama Scienc Assessment
5th Grade - Test Taking

x Typing
Computer Circus
Typing Master
Keyboarding Questions
Typing Lessons
Learn to Type
Keyboard Picture
Typing Test - Speed
Nimble Fingers
Typing and Spelling Games
Dance Mat Typing
Power Typing
Free Typing Game
Type It

x Math
Problem Solving
Virtual Manipulatives
Tick Tac Toe Math
Math Baseball
Cool Math
Math Games
Math Games
Internet for Classrooms
AAA Math
Math Playground
Math Motorway
How Old Are You?
Math Quizes
Surf the Net - Math
Graph Master
Division BIngo
Math Vocabulary
Math Connects
Fraction Tutorial
Hidden Pictures
EM Math Toolkit
Math Games/Practice
The Lemonade Stand
Kids Love 2 Learn
Virtual Manipulatives
Practice X Facts
Fact Monster
x Science
Science Games and Puzzles
Hurricane Names
Inventive Kids
Woodland's Science Zone
Cosmic Quest
The Virtual Body
Explorering Ecosystems
Fun with Food
Mineral Matters
Mineralogy for Kids
Discovery Ed - Science Fair
Science Kids
Bill Nye the Science Guy
Science Glossary
Science Vocabulary
Build A Prairie
Biomes and Ecosystems
Food Chain Game
Interactice Rock Cycle
Nat Geo Kids
Animal Myths Busted
Interactive Plants
Nature Rocks
Kusudama Me!
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Historic Hurricanes
Moon Phases
Weather Wiz Kidz
Science Millionaire
Discovery Kids
Space Walking
How do things fly?
Black Holes
Designing a Bridge
Geology for Kids
Rocks & Mineral Websites
Minerals by Name
Science for Kids
Kids Know It
Interactice Food Chain
Food Webs
Water Cycle
Learning About the Water Cycle
Weather Watch
Erosion and Weathering Photos
Butterfly Life Cycle
Smithsonian for Kids
Bio Kids
The Science Explorer
Science Experiment Videos
The Great Plant Escape
Solar System Field Trip
Switcheroo Zoo
Science Interactives - Grades 3-6
Weather Wiz Kids
National Geo for Kids
Science Monster
Magic School Bus
Let's Go To Mars
Dig Magazine
Amazing Animal Webcams
San Diego Zoo Kids
The Surfing Scientist
NIEHS' Kids Page

x Sounds and Clipart
Nature Midi Files
Free Legal Music Downloads
Royalty Free Music
Kids Midi Files
Classical Midi Files
Classic Guitar Midi Files
Pics for Learning
MIcrosoft Clipart
Free Clipart
Children's Songs
Traditional Children's Songs
Sound Effects and Clips
Instants Fun

x Free Backgrounds
Background City
Ender Design
Webpage Backgrounds
GR Sites

x Parents
Your Child's Progress - 5th Grade
Parent's Guide to 5th Grade
Order Scholastic Books Online
Scholastic Book Club Order Online

x Art/Crafts/Activities
Lines, Dots & Doodles
Light Bright
Crayola Coloring
Sketch Fu
Jackson Pollock
Foto Flexer (photo edit)
Graffiti Creator
Photo Visi
My Oats
Flame Painter
This is Sand
String Spin
Origami Club
Cartoon Maker
Amazing Color Pages
Nat Geo Color Pages
Art Express
Wii Playable Paint
Think Draw
Eye Candy
Create a Card
Scrap Coloring
Me Maker (Avatar)
Sea Saws

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