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Established in 1992, DAY Elevator and Lift is an elevator and lift company based in Long Island, serving the Tri-State area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. As an authorized dealer, DAY provides a complete range of mobility products in the categories of elevators, wheelchair lifts, and stair lifts for homeowners, builders, developers and architects.
x DAY Elevator and Lift
x Local - 43952
TV Listings
Residential Indoor Solutions
Pride Mobility Seat Lift Chairs Dealer New York, New Jersey
Home Elevators
Vertical Platform Lifts
Orion LULA Elevator
Residential Indoor Stair Lifts
Residential Wheelchair Lifts
Savaria Elevators
Eclipse Home Elevator
Residential Outdoor Stair Lifts
Home Wheelchair Lifts
Savaria Multilift Vertical Platform Lift
Home Stair Lifts
savaria concord residential elevators
Savaria Concord V1504 Vertical Platform Lift
Bruno Stair Lifts
Elevator Inspections
Infinity Luxury Home Elevator
Bruno Electra-Ride Elite Outdoor Stairlift
Panorama Elevator
Prolift Vertical Platform Lift
Savaria SL-1000 Stairlift
Savaria Residential Elevators, Eclipse, Prolift Voyager
Material Lifts
Elevators and Lifts
Commercial Indoor Vertical Wheelchair Lifts
Stairway Lifts
Commercial Indoor Portable Wheelchair Lifts
Wheelchair Lift Architects
Residential Lifts
Federal Home Elevator
Domestic Stairlifts
Residential Inclined Platform Lifts
Commercial Outdoor Stair Lifts
DAY Elevator and Lift offers Home Elevators at Competitive Rates
Residential Indoor Stair Lifts
Residential Indoor Vertical Platform Lifts
Elevator NY, NJ, CT | Wheelchair Lift | DAY Elevator and Lift
Package Lifts | Inclinator Package Stair Lifts
Matot Commercial Dumbwaiters Dealer NY, NJ and CT
Commercial Inclined Platform Lifts | Commercial Platform Lifts
Inclined Platform Lifts | Inclined Platform Wheelchair Lifts
Day Elevators and Lifts FAQ, Questions and Answers
Savaria ES-125 Inclined Platform Lifts | Inclined Wheelchair Lift Dealer NY, NJ,
Certified Pre Owned Stair Lifts, Used Stair Lifts for Sale
Savaria Delta Inclined Platform Lift | Vertical Platform Lift | DAY
Elevator Inspections | Elevator Safety Inspections
Residential Ceiling Lifts | Home Ceiling Lift Systems for Disabled
Savaria C65 Inclined Platform Lift | Wheelchair Platform Lift
Residential Lift Architects | Home Lift Architects Supplies
Commercial Vertical Wheelchair Lifts
Bruno Electra-Ride III Stairlift
Commercial Outdoor Vertical Platform Lifts
Serenus LULA Elevator
Savaria Vertical Platform Lifts
Certified Pre-Owned Wheelchair Lifts
Renaissance Elevator
Residential Indoor Elevators
Residential Vertical Platform Lifts
Vertical Wheelchair Lifts
Commercial Indoor Stair Lifts
Commercial Portable Wheelchair Lifts
Day Elevator helps Hurricane Sandy Victims with Elevator Inspection and Repair S
Residential Elevators
Residential Outdoor Vertical Platform Lifts
Wheelchair Platform Lifts
Bruno Electra Ride
Residential Indoor Vertical Platform Lifts
Wheelchair Lifts
Residential Outdoor Portable Wheelchair Lifts
Bruno Straight Stairlifts | Bruno Stair Lifts | Straight Stair Lifts
Savaria Stair Lifts | Straight Stair Lifts | Electric Stair Lifts
Savaria Commercial Elevators - Orion LU/LA, Prolift SCL
Elevator Lifts
Stair Lifts and Elevators
Elevator Lift Products
Portable Wheelchair Lifts
Residential Stair Chair Lifts
Residential Indoor Solutions
Platform Lifts
Stair Lifts
Stair Chair Lifts
Wheelchair Lifts
Handicap Stair Lifts
Ascension Virtuoso 5460P Vertical Portable Wheelchair Lift
Mobilift CX Portable Wheelchair Lift
Residential Stair Lifts
Savaria Prolift SCL
Savaria Inclined Platform Lifts
Residential Dumbwaiters
Seat Lift Chairs
Bruno Electra-Ride Elite Stairlift
Curved Stair Lifts
Residential Indoor Inclined Platform Lifts
Savaria B.07 Straight Stair Chair
Straight Stair Lifts

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