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x Mining
Why is Titanium So Important For Us
Wind Turbines As A Renewable Energy Source
Physical Characteristics Of Zircon
The Difference Between Underground Mining And Surface Mining
Garnet As A Dual Purpose Mineral
What Is Abrasive Water Jet Cutting
May Day Celebrations At VV Mineral
Is Heavy Mineral Mining An Environmental Concern?
World Water Day Celebrations At VV Mineral
Illegal Heavy Mineral Mining Scam Busted
Processes Involved In Beach Mineral Sand Mining
An Insider Opinion On What Happened To The Rs 60 Lakh Crore Thorium Scam?
Grades Of Ilmenite
Grades of Zircon
Inspections At Heavy Mineral Manufacturers In Tamil Nadu
Trends In The Garnet And Ilmenite Industry
Quality Control Checks Done At V.V. Mineral
The Infrastructural Assets Of VV Mineral
Consequences Of Shutting Down The Heavy Mineral Mining Industry in India
VV Minerals Owned By S. Vaikundarajan, Talks About Ban On Mining Activities In T
Ban On Mining Activities Responsible For Unemployment - VV Mineral V SUBRAMANIAN
Free Books Distributed To 200 Schools By V. V. Minerals
The Mining Regulations To Be Renewed Soon
S. Vaikundarajan Not Under Scanner Any More For Illegal Mining Scam
Tamil Nadu Seize Monopoly Of Garnet Placer Sand Exports; VV Minerals On The Top
V. Subramanian, Director V.V. Mineral Talks About Hurdles In The Beach Mineral M
Studies Show That No Excess Cancer Risk To People Who Live Near High Natural Bac
VV Minerals, India Launches A Free Eye Check Up Camp For Their Employees At VV T
Private Mining Companies Should Be Granted Enough Freedom By The Government
Bureaucracy Hinders The Progress Of Heavy Minerals Industry
The Export Duty On Heavy Mineral Mining Should Be Withdrawn: MEAI
VV Mineral And MEAI Both Believe That Export Duty On Heavy Minerals Should Be Re
Unexpected Uses Of Heavy Minerals Manufactured By VV Minerals
VV Mineral Vaikundarajan Savior To The Environment, Not Involved In Illegal Beac
No Evidence Of Illegal Beach Sand Mining Discovered After CBI Enquiry Into VV Mi
Nuclear Gold In Sand Lies Unharmed After Sand Mining Activities By VV Minerals
VV Mineral, The Best Heavy Mineral Mining Exporter Since The Year 2000
Vaikundarajan, VV Minerals Taking Heavy Mineral Mining Of India To Global Heigh
VV Mineral Mining Observed Environmental Consciousness
S. Vaikudanrajan Breaks the Myths of Mining
No Environmental Hazards In Heavy Mineral Mining Activities: VV Minerals
VV Minerals, India Supports MEAI’s Stance On India Allowing Heavy Mineral Mini
VV Minerals Observed Environmental Consciousness
Assessments Conducted at Heavy Mineral Producers like VV Mineral in Tamil Nadu
VV Minerals Does Not Support Or Indulge In Politically-Driven Agendas
“Our Family Business Feeds Thousands Of Families Which Is An Overlooked Fact
Another Example Of Governmental Slip Up: Shares VV Mineral Vaikundarajan
VV Mineral Explains The Importance Heavy Minerals In Our Daily Lives
S Jegatheesan: The Indomitable Leader Of VV Minerals India
Illegal Heavy Mineral Or Illegal Beach Mining By VV Minerals Is An Obvious Joke
Complaints Against VV Minerals A Publicity Stunt
VV Mineral Files Two Writ Petitions, VV Mineral Vaikundarajan Stays Positive
All Allegations Against Company Are False And Unsubstantiated
No Proof Against VV Mineral Vaikundarajan In Illegal Atomic Mineral Mining Case
No Proof Against VV Mineral Vaikundarajan In Illegal Atomic Mineral Mining Case
Indian Government Should Optimise Mining Industry – VV Mineral
VV Minerals India Stays Optimistic Despite Media Ignorance
Thorium Scam Not a Reality – VV Mineral Mining
VV Minerals Denies Charges Of Illegal Monazite Mining
V Subramanian Of VV Mineral On The Hurdles In Heavy Mining Industry
VV Minerals Asked To Re-submit The Draft Scheme
What is Sustainable Mining
How To Identify Whether The Sand Is mineral Rich or Not
How Minerals Play A Role In Our Everyday Life
Garnet As A Dual Purpose Mineral
Various Conveniences Offered To The Workers At V.V. Mineral
Environmental Concerns Due To Heavy Mineral Mining
Heavy Mineral Mining Scenario Of India
Achievements Of V.V. Mineral
The Heavy Mineral Market In India And The Challenges Faced By Manufacturers
Challenges Faced By The Heavy Mineral Mining Industry
The Heavy Mineral Market In India
What Are The Prerequisites Of Heavy Mineral Mining Industry?
Illegal Beach Mining Scam Proven False
The First Two Accusations On VV Mineral For Illegal Mining Proven False
The Third and Fourth Allegation On VV Minerals For Ilegal Mining Proven False
What Is Illegal Sand Mining?
Speculations About The Mining Ban Being Uplifted In Tamil Nadu
Conclusion Of The Joint Inspection By Indian Bureau Of Mines And Department Of G
Free Books Distribution Camp On World Day Against Child Labour By V. V. Minerals
VV Minerals Owned By S. Vaikundarajan Observes World Environment Day
Environment Consciousness At VV Minerals, India
The Heavy Mineral Mining Industry Current Scenario: Mr. V. Subramanian, Managing
Beach Mineral Mining Ban In Tamil Nadu Renders Joblessness, Says V V Mineral's V
Development Of Tisayanvilai In Tamil Nadu Because Of VV Minerals
The Story Of Balakrishna, The Technical Manager At VV Minerals, India
The Business Standard News Article On How The MEAI Urged The PM To Amend Mining
Life Stories At VV Mineral: CA Chitra Raguram, Finance Manager
Industry Update: Australia Keen To Investment In Mining Sector In India
VV Mineral’s Responsibility Towards The Local Community In Tamil Nadu
VV Minerals,India Obtains Transworld Granite India Pvt. Ltd. And Enters Into The
96K Crore Illegitimate Scandal Proven False
Tamil Nadu Holds Monopoly Of Garnet Placer Sands Exports, VV Minerals One Of The
VV Minerals Lead Over Other Companies As Tamil Nadu Gains Monopoly In Garnet Pla
Sifting Through Sand
VV Minerals Proved Innocent After Tamil Nadu Government Probe Into Beach Mineral
Resumption Of Sustainable Mining Should Be A priority
S. Vaikundarajan Practices Fair Trade, Not Involved In Bootleg Scam Of 96K Crore
Importance Of Monazite In India
The MEAI Encourages Mining Investment; Heavy Mineral Mining Sees A New Hope In T
The Federation Declares That Closing Down The Mining Industry Has Procured Losse
MEAI Joins Vaikundarajan In His Plea For A Favourable Mining Environment In Indi
Private Mining Companies Should Be Granted Enough Freedom By The Government
VV Minerals Always Serving The Society And Its Employees
Heavy Mineral Mining Needs A New Industrial Policy: MEAI Suggests Government
Some 3,000 Applications For Mining Leases Pending In Heavy Minerals Industry
India Should Allow Heavy Mineral Mining To Grow: MEAI
Mr. V. Subramaniam, MD Of VV Minerals States That Illmenite Has Been Overlooked
The Mineral Mining Suspended In Tamil Nadu By Jayalalithaa See’s A New Ray Of
UPA Government Favors Vaikundarajan As He Is Proven Innocent On The Thorium Scam
The Alleged Death Threats By Tamil Nadu Whistleblower Receives Silence From Govt
Illegal Minerals Mining Said To Be Of RS 96000 Crore Biz In Tamil Nadu Is A Big
Self Proclaimed Whistleblower Of Tamil Nadu Fabricated News Of Death Threats
Supreme Court Clears All Charges Against VV Minerals In The Illegal Beach Mining
False Scam Of Disappearing Thorium Worth 48 Lakh Crore By VV Minerals Makes News
Special Efforts Taken By VV Minerals For The Benefit Of Their Employees
Raids On Mining Sites Reveal No Violation By VV Mineral, Vaikundarajan
Tamil Nadu Free From Any Capitalism, No Ties Between J. Jayalalithaa And VV Mine
VV Minerals Chairman Not Under The Scanner Anymore For Illegal Mining Of 96K Cro
No Irregularities In Beach Mineral Mining By VV Mineral, Suspension To Be Remove
Police Raids Vaikundarajan’s Office Premises And Finds Nothing At VV Minerals
VV Minerals Not Associated With Illegal Mining Of 96K Crore In Tamil Nadu
Saving The Environment Is VV Minerals Top Most Priority
VV Minerals Successfully Manages Its Business Along With Its Responsibilities To
Products Of VV Mineral, A Private Heavy Mineral Mining Company Owned By S. Vaiku
Vaikundarajan Pioneering The Heavy Mineral Mining Industry
VV Mineral Explains The Troubles In The Heavy Mineral Mining Industry
Vaikundarajan Defines How Beach Mineral Mining Is Different From Sand Mining
VV Minerals, India A Environmental Consciousness Company
VV Mineral, Jegatheesan The Man With An Economic Plan For His Company
VV Minerals Electrifying Windmills In Tisayanvilai
Why Monazite Is Importance For India
Verdict By The Indian Bureau Of Mines And Department Of Geology On VV Mineral’
Tax Levied Affects Heavy Mineral Companies, VV Mineral
Under scanner, VV Minerals Chairman, Vaikundarajan Not Connected In Illegal Mini
VV Mineral, Vaikundarajan Tops The Ilmenite Export In India
VV Titanium Pigments Looks To Invest Rs 100 Crore In New Facility
Closing Heavy Mineral Industries Caused Losses to VV Mineral & 50K People
Federation States That Closing Down Heavy Mineral Mining Industry Caused Losses
India Could Heavily Benefit From Heavy Mineral Mining” Says V Subramaniam
The Ambiguity in Naming The Other Culprits is Questionable: Says VV Mineral Vaik
VV Mineral’s Supposed Sand Mining Baron Vaikundarajan Has No Ties With Any Pol
Illegal Heavy Mineral Mining Cannot Even Be Proved On Paper
VV Minerals Knows How To Harness The Nuclear Gold Found In The Sands Of India
VV Mineral Believes India Is In Dire Needs Of Intervention In Mining Related Pol
The High Court Finally Rules In The Favour Of The Mining Companies: VV Mineral V
VV Minerals India Questions The Suspension Of Mineral Mining In Tamil Nadu
IREL Illegally Mined In VV Mineral’s Land And Indulged In Other Malpractices,
VV Mineral Mining Is Not Involved In Any Illegal Mining Activity
Local Industry Rendered Jobless Due To Ban On Mining, Says VV Mineral V Subraman
VV Minearl Mining Stays Positive As HC Upholds Mining Ban Against Company
VV Minerals Chairman Vaikundarajan Under Scrutiny
Thorium Scam Allegations On VV Mineral Are Unsubstantiated
Thorium Scam Not A Reality - VV Mineral Mining
VV Minerals – The Largest Heavy Minerals Exporter In India
Interview with V Subramanian Director - VV Minerals India
Policy Intervention For A Boost To The Promising Heavy Mineral Mining Industry V
VV Minerals: Dragged Into Mining Scam Without Proof
The Shore Line Eroding At Turicorin Is Not Caused only Due Illegal Beach Mining
Thorium Scam Made-Up To Defame VV Minerals India
x News
The Initial Accusations On VV Mineral For Illegal Mining May Not Be True
VV Mineral Beach Sand Mining Baron Vaikundarajan And Jayalalitha Have No Ties
Illegal Heavy Mineral Mining Not Conducted By VV Minerals
VV Minerals Not Involved In Illegal Beach Sand Mining In TN
No Illegal Mining In TN, The Actual Truth On The Heavy Mineral Mining Scenario I
VV Titanium Pigments Plans To Invest Rs 100 cr In New Plant
VVTi Plans To Invest Rs 100 cr In New Plant
VV Mineral Falsely Accused Of Illegal Beach Mineral Mining
VV Minerals Has Not Been Mining Illegally, No Matter Who Says What: VV Mineral V
VV Mineral Vaikundarajan Says Thorium Is A Delisted Heavy Mineral
Vaikundarajan Congratulates Kangna Ranaut on Her National Award Win for ‘Queen
We Are Selling Necessary Minerals To Markets Around The Globe
VV Mineral Is Not Involved In Illegal Heavy Mineral Mining - VV Mineral Vaikunda
Rs. One Lakh Crore Is A Grossly Exaggerated Amount For A Scam
VV Mineral Jegatheesan Gives The Company An Edge Over Others
VV Mineral's Vaikundarajan 96K Crore Scam Is A False Accusation
VV Minerals India Falsely Accused Of Illegal Beach Mining
Reasons Other Than Mining Not Taken Into Consideration For Erosion On Tuticorin
VV Minerals’ Vaikundarajan Falsely Blamed For Illegal Beach Mining
Business Rivals Falsely Label VV Minerals As Sand Mafia
“I Am Hopeful Of A Positive Outcome No Matter What Lengths My Rivals Go To,”
VV Minerals India and Vaikundarajan Falsely Blamed Of An Unrealistic Thorium Sca
VV Minerals India Is Part Of No Illegal Beach Mining Activity Or Any Political P
VV Minerals Given A Clean Report By The Department Of Atomic Energy Says S Vaiku
VV Mineral Vaikundarajan Falsely Accused Illegal Mining He Has No Need To Indulg
96,000 Crore In India Rupees Is An Absurd Amount Says VV Mineral Vaikundarajan
VV Mineral Vaikundarajan Stays Optimistic In Illegal Mining Case
VV Mineral Mining Explains The Problems Faced By Mining Industries Due To Delay
Remove Some Minerals From Atomic List In MMDR Act- VV Minerals India
VV Mineral Mining Thwarts Allegations By IREL Officials As A Setup
Vaikundarajan, Mineral Sand Producer, Finds Hope After Supreme Court’s Order T
VV Minerals India, Never A Part Of The Thorium Scam
VV Mineral Disliked By Its Rivals, Accused To Be A Part Of The Thorium Scam
HC Grants Bail To Mineral Sand Mining Baron
HC Grants Bail To Mineral Sand Mining Baron
Looking For A Better Scenario In The Mining Industry, S Vaikundarajan
VV Minerals In The Clear Even Though Raids On Mining Sites Reveal Large-Scale Vi
V.V. Titanium Pigments invest Rs.100 mn in Rutile Plant in Tuticorin
The Truth About VV Mineral’s Role In The Rs 60 Lakh Crore Thorium Scam
Shore Line Eroding At Turicorin Coast Isn’t Caused Of Illegal Sand Mining: VV
Ilmenite Has Varied Applications And Advantages – VV Mineral Mining
“We Are Not Monopolising The Mining Industry, Just Forerunning It”, Says VV
Illegal Sand Mining Is Not A Problem In Tamil Nadu Alone, VV Mineral Vaikundaraj
Coastal Erosion Affected Tuticorin Coast And Not Heavy Mineral Mining
It Was Sand When We Started Mining And Now It’s Being Called Nuclear Gold? Vai
My Rivals Would Rather Call Me A Sand Mafia Than A Success
VV Minerals Is Far From Indulging In Illegal Beach Mining: S Vaikundarajan
DAE’s Report Clearly States That VV Minerals Not Part of Thorium Scam
VV Minerals India Not Involved in Alleged Illegal Beach Mining Scam
Rs. 96 Thousand Crores Is A Speculative Figure Not Reality Says VV Minerals Indi
VV Minerals Already Cleared Of Any Possibilities Of Indulging In Illegal Beach M
I Will Fight The False Claims Of The Illegal Beach Mining In The Supreme Court A
VV Mineral Vaikundarajan Under The Scanner For Alleged Claims Of A Thorium Scam
High Court Rules TN Ban On Beach Sand Mining Invalid
The Re-Imposing Of Mining Ban Unfair, Says VV Mineral Vaikundarajan
Illegal Mining Allegations Is A Ploy By Business Rivals, Says VV Mineral India
VV Minerals Has A Clean Record, Says VV Mineral Vaikundarajan
VV Mineral Vaikundarajan Affirms That His Company’s Records Are Straight
VV Mineral Mining Dismisses Allegations Against Company
VV Mineral Calls For Lifting Ban On Beach Mineral Mining In Tamil Nadu
Heavy Minerals Industry Needs Greater Attention, Says Expert - VV Mineral V Sub
Thorium Scam Just Another Means To Defame The Company, VV Mineral
All Allegations Against VV Minerals Found To Be Baseless And Vindictive
HC Stays Order In Favour Of Beach Mineral Company - VV MINERALS
Allegations Against VV Mineral Mining Are Misleading And Vindictive
VV Minerals India Shoreline Erosion In Tuticorin Is Not Because Of Illegal Beach
V Subramanian Speaks On The Growth Of Heavy Minerals Industry
Mining Ban Will Bring Huge Losses To The Industry, Says VV Mineral Vaikundarajan
Mining Scam Allegations Against VV Mineral Surface Without Any Proof
Madras High Court Stays Order In Favour Of VV Minerals
VV Mineral Mining Shows His Support For Investigating Team

x Business
VV Mineral, Mining Activities Help Government Increase International Trade Oppor
VV College Of Engineering Part Of VV Minerals, India Hosts Campus Drive On 18, N
Importance Of Mining Explained By VV Mineral, Subramanian
Garnet Is The Treasure Stone Of Heavy Minerals Says VV Mineral, Vaikundarajan
Acquiring Kilburn Chemicals, A Big Boost For VV Mineral Says V. Subramanian
V V Titanium To invest Rs 100 cr In Expansion
The Importance Of Titanium, By Vaikundarajan
VV Mineral India’s Ilmenite And Sillimanite Offer Best Utility
VV Minerals Files Two Writ Petitions, Pending With The Madras High Court
Local Industry Suffering From Mining Ban, Says V Subramanian
Complaints Against VV Minerals A Publicity Stunt
IBM Files Appeals Against Order Of Single Judge Over Mining Scheme Licences Says
Allegations Against Company Are Without Any Proof – VV Mineral
VV Mineral, Vaikundarajan Tops The Ilmenite Export Of India
No Connections Seen Between Beach Sand Mining Tycoon VV Mineral, Vaikundarajan A
Subbiah Vaikundarajan’s Dream for a developed India
VV Minerals Chairman Vaikundarajan Is India's Top Exporter Of Industrial Mineral
VV Minerals, V. Subramanian Voyage In The Mineral Mining World
Various Conveniences Offered To The Workers At VV Mineral
VV Titanium Pigments Plans To Invest Rs. 1000 Million In Coated Rutile Plant
Vaikundarajan Sheds Light On VV Minerals’ Best Produce
The Ban On Heavy Mineral Mining Is Costing The Indian Economy: VV Mineral Mining
All Allegations Of Illegal Beach Mining Aganist VV Minerals India Are Baseless
VV Mineral India Director In Conversation With Tribune India
Allegations Against VV Mineral Mining Are Misleading And Vindictive
All Illegal Beach Mining Allegations Against The Company Are Baseless VV Mineral
Mercantile Bank Boardroom Battle Begins - Vaikundarajan
New Rules For Atomic Minerals VV Mineral
Earth Hour Observed At VV Minerals India Factory
VV Mineral Mining Criticizes Baseless Thorium Scam Allegations Against Company
VV Mineral Vaikundarajan Speaks To Governance India On The State Of Heavy Minera

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