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This law blogroll is a work in progress. If you'd like to have your law blog added to this page, or would like to recommend other blawgs, please send links to , thanks. If you want to add this page to your blogroll, it's called "myHq blawgs" and the permalink is: If you'd be so kind as to mention this collaborative blawgroll in a post on your blawg, or law blog, we'd appreciate all the link love we can share.
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Adam Smith, Esq. #39
Al Nye the Lawyer Guy #11
Ambivalent Imbroglio #25
Antitrust Review #67
Appellate Law & Practice #3
AutoMuse #36
Bag and Baggage #30
Bag and Baggage #81
Ben Cowgill's SoloBlawg #55
bk! #54
Blawg Review #29
Blawg Review #59
Blawg Review #80
Blawg Review #89
Blawg Wisdom #22
Blonde Justice #61
Common Scold #18
Concurring Opinions #75
Conglomerate #5
Crime & Federalism #8
Cyberlaw Central #42
David Maister's Blog #76
De Novo #46
Election Law Blog #83
Employment Blawg #15
Ernie the Attorney #72
External Insights #66
f/k/a #52
Freedom to Differ #85
Global Security Law #74
Greatest American Lawyer #17
Health Care Law Blog #44
How Appealing #64
Human Law #78
Infamy or Praise #35
Infamy or Praise #86
Inter Alia #26 #10
IPTAblog #31
JAG Central #32
Jaybeas Corpus #24
Jeremy Blachman #68
Jeremy Richey's Blawg #7
Jonathan B. Wilson #41
JurisPundit #9
Law & Entrepreneurship #4
Law Practice Tips Blog #49
Lawyerlike #57
Legal Blog Watch #27
Legal Commentary #14
Legal Literacy
Legal Underground #1
Legal Underground #38
Likelihood of Confusion #2
MauledAgain #53
May it Please the Court #28
Mediation News Online #43
Minor Wisdom #90
Mommy Blawg #20
My Shingle #21
New World Man #62
Objective Justice #16
Overlawyered #33
Patent Baristas #19
Patent Baristas #77
Perfect Client Service #45
Phosita #34
Point of Law #56
Preaching to the Perverted #23
Preaching to the Perverted #70
Professor Kingsfield #60
QuizLaw #71
Rethink(IP) #48
Small Business Trends #40
South Carolina Trial Law #6
Tech Law Advisor #12
Tech Law Advisor #58
Tech Law Advisor #79
The Airport Lawyer #63
The Trademark Blog #60
Thomas Jefferson #13
Transcending Gender #84
Unlearned Hand #69
Unused & Unusable #47
Votelaw #82
What About Clients? #65
Wired GC #37
Workplace Prof Blog #73

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Dennis Kennedy
Ernest Svenson
Evan Schaeffer
Kevin Heller

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Denise Howell
Lisa Stone
Monica Bay

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BlogHer Law Blogs
x Lawyers
A Fool in the Forest
A Georgia Lawyer
A Stitch In Haste
Adam Smith, Esq.
Airport Lawyer
Al Nye the Lawyer Guy
Allison's Wonderland
Anonymous Lawyer
Antitrust Commentary
Antitrust Review
Appealing In Nevada
Appellate Law & Practice
Arbitrary and Capricious
Automating Invention
Bag and Baggage
Begging the Question
Belluck & Fox
Ben Cowgill on Legal Ethics
Between Lawyers
Biker Law Blog
Biz Media Law Blog
Blonde Justice
Bob Kraft's P.I.S.S.D.
Brandy Karl bk!
Brett Trout
California Business Law Blog
California Divorce Blawg
California Employee Rights Blog
California Labor & Employment Law
California Labor and Employment Defense Blog
California Personal Injury Law Blog
California Punitive Damages
California Tax Attorney Blog
Canadian Trademark Blog
Chicago Family Law Blog
Chicago IP Litigation
Chicago Nursing Home Law
China Law Blog
Class Law Blog
College Law Blog
Colorado Misdemeanors
Common Scold
Company Counselor
Connecticut Employment Law Blog
Consumer Goods & Retail Industry Litigation
Corner of Lex and Biz
Corporate & Securities Law Blog
Corporate Blawg UK
County & Municipal Legal Services
Coverage Counsel
Crime & Federalism
Cyberlaw Central
Dark Goddess of Replevin Speaks
Day on Torts
Death and Taxes
Declarations and Exclusions
Disabled Worker Law
Divorce Law Journal
Do Not Pass Geaux
Doman Name Shame
Drug Injury Attorney Blog
Drug Injury Watch
DUI Denfender
E-Legal Lawyer
Environmental Crimes Blog
Ernie the Attorney
Evan Schaeffer's Legal Underground
Excited Utterances
External Insights
f/k/a David Giacalone
Ferrell Law Firm
Florida Estate Planning Lawyer Blog
Future Lawyer
George's Employment Blawg
Georgia Family Law Blog
Greatest American Lawyer
Greg Siskind's Blog
Health Care Law Blog
Home Office Lawyer
Hoosier Lawyer
Houston's Clear Thinkers
How Appealing
HR Lawyers Blog
Illinois Construction Blog
Illinois Trial Practice Blog
Immigration Law Answers Blog
In Search of Perfect Client Service
Infamy or Praise
Insurance Scrawl
Inter Alia
International Lawyer Coach
Internet Law Blog
IP Blawg
IP Funny
IP Law Daily
IP Legal Lounge
IP Litigation Blog
IRS and the Law
IRS Problem Solver Blog
JD Blis
Jeremy Blachman's Weblog
Jeremy's Weblog
Jim Hamiltonís World of Securities Regulation
Joel Stewart's Blog
Jonathan B. Wilson
Kansas Family & Divorce Lawyer
Kansas Family & Divorce Lawyer
Kentucky Law Blog
Kevin Hickey Law Blog
Kierkegaard Lives
Law Dork
Law of the Game
Law Practice Tips
Law Under a Microscope
Legal Commentary
Legal Fixation
Legal M&A
Legal Medicine
Lex Ferenda
Likelihood of Confusion
Maine Divorce Law Blog
Matt Homann's [non]billable hour
May It Please the Court
Mediation News Online
Medicare Update
Mental Disability Law Blog
Military Medical Malpractice
Minor Wisdom
Mommy Blawg
My Memphis Lawyer's Blog
My Shingle
New York & New Jersey Employment Law
New York Federal Criminal Practice
New York Law Blog
New York Personal Injury Law Blog
New York Public Personnel Law
NJ Domestic Partnership
Notice of Appeal
NY Attorney Malpractice Blog
Ohio Employer's Law Blog
Online Liability Blog
Ottawa Divorce Blog
Outside the Law
Palm Beach County Family Law
Patent Baristas
Patent Pending
Patent Pros
Patterico's Pontifications
Personal Injury & Disability
Precedent: Law and Style
Prettier Than Napoleon
Privacy Blog
Private Equity Law Review
Professional Marketing Blog
Promote the Progress
Prosecutor Post-Script
Public Defender Dude
Public Defender Stuff
Puerto Rico Law Blog
Rather Than Working
Reid My Blog!
RFID Law Blog
Rhode Island Law Journal
Richard Meisner's 409A Dismay
Rob Hyndman
Robert Ambrogi's LawSites
Scrivener's Error
Second Opinions
Securities Litigation Watch
Shape Blog
Sharks in the Water
shlep: Self-Help Law ExPress
Simple Justice
Singapore Law Blog
Skeptic's Eye
SoCal Law Blog
South Carolina Construction Law Blog
South Carolina Consumer & Bankruptcy Blog
South Carolina Employment Law
South Carolina Family Law
South Carolina Trial Law Blog
Spam Notes
Sports Law Guru
Stay of Execution
Sui Generis
Tax & Business Law Commentary
Tech Law Advisor
Techknowledgy Blog
Texas Appellate Law Blog
Texas Business Law Blog
The Antitrust Monitor
The Attorney Marketing Center
The Barrister Blog
The Corporate Counsel
The Invent Blog
The Legal Thing
The Online DUI Lawyer
The Online Lawyer
The Practice
The Thousand Patterns
The Trademark Blog
The UCL Practitioner
The Uncivil Litigator
This Is Tech
Today's Workplace
Transcending Gender
Underdog Blog
Underneath Their Robes
Vanarelli Law Blog
Wash Park Prophet
Washington Employment Law Blog
Washington Injury Law Blog
What About Clients?
Where's Travis McGee?
Wired GC
You and Yours Blawg

x Intellectual Property
Brett Trout
IP Law Daily
IP Litigation Blog
Patent Docs
Patent Pros
Securing Innovation
The Trademark Blog

x Family Law
Kansas Family & Divorce Lawyer
Ottawa Divorce Blog

x Employment Law
George's Employment Blawg
HR Lawyers Blog

x Criminal Law

x Civil Litigation

x Lawyers in Sweden
Swedish Corporate Law
Swedish Law Blog

x China
BLawgDog (English)
China Law Blog

x JAG & Military
Intel Dump
Where's Travis McGee?

x Public Defenders
Public Defender Stuff

x India
Law in Perspective
x Law Professors
Transgender Workplace Diversity
A Taxing Blog
Adjunct Law Prof Blog
Agricultural Law
Antitrust Prof Blog
Antitrust Review
Anupam Chander
Business Law Prof Blog
Cairns Blog
China Law Prof Blog
Concurring Opinions
Contracts Prof Blog
Crim Prof Blog
Elder Law Prof Blog
Election Law Blog
Environmental Law Prof Blog
Equal Vote
Family Law Prof Blog
Feminist Law Professors
Freedom Now
from milan to mumbai
Georgetown University Law Faculty
Goldman's Observations
Health Law Prof Blog
International Corporate Governance
Is that legal?
Jack Bog's Blog
LaborProf Blog
Law & Society Blog
Law Blog
Law Blog Central
Law Professor Blogger Census
Law School Academic Support Blog
Lee Blog
Legal Profession Blog
Legal Theory Blog
Leiter Reports
Lessig Blog
Liberty Law Prof
Madisonian Theory
Mauled Again
Media Law Prof Blog
Michael Geist
Mirror of Justice
Neuroethics Blog
Opinio Juris
Ratio Juris
Religion Clause
Scientific Lawyer
Sentencing Law & Policy
South Texas Law Professor
Sports Law Blog
Susan Cartier Liebel
Susan Crawford blog
TaxProf Blog
Tech Law Forum
Tech Law Prof Blog
Technology & Marketing Law Blog
Terra Nova
the 13th juror
The Commons Blog
The Faculty Blog
The Fire of Genius
The Laboratorium
The Remedy
The Right Coast
The Shout
TortsProf Blog
University of Toronto Law Faculty
Volokh Conspiracy
White Collar Crime Prof Blog
Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof Blog
Workplace Prof Blog
Yin Blog
x Law Students
3L Epiphany
A Season of Mists
Accidental Lawstudent
Ambivalent Imbroglio
Anonymous Law Student
Asian Provocateur
Augie Rakow's IP Litigation Room
Bad Glacier
Banana Esq.
Becoming a Jackal
Being Awesome
Biting Tongue
Blawg Wisdom
Busy Days
CALI's Pre-law Blog
Calling Miss H to the Bar
Clearly Erroneous
Clever WoT
Collateral Evidence
Color of Law
Confessions Of An Exhausted Mind
Dagny's Law Blog
Daily Struggles with Inanimate Objects
De Novo
Death in the Afternoon
Didactic Discursive Diatribe
Divine Angst
East of Oregon
Emphasis Added
Ex Post
Ex-Iowa Law Girl
Expressio Unius
First Movers
Frolics and Detours
From Engineer To Lawyer
Glorfindel of Gondolin
Gray's Law Dictionary
Inquire Within
International Blawg
Irrational Basis
Jag Central
Jeremy Richey's Blawg
Jim's Polka
Just Playin'
Kiss My Grits
Kiwi Law
L is for Law School
Law & Alchoholism
Law and Letters
Law and Mommyhood
Law andstuff
Law Ingenue
Law School For Dummies
Law School Virgin
Law Vibe
Law with Grace
Legal Ease
Legal Intellects Law Blog
Legal Quandary
Legally Certifiable
Life of a Law Student
Life, Far Away
Looking Out of the Fishbowl
Lunching With Lions
Mac Law Students
Mackenzie's Weblog
Magic Cookie
Mark Lyon
Martinis, Persistence, and a Smile
Matt Schuh Online
Michael Scaljon
Moonlighting in Misery
Musings of a 2L
Naked Drinking Coffee
Nearly Legal
Negligent Use of a Dangerous Mind
Nudum Pactum
Nuts and Boalts
Objective Justice
Obsessive Law Student
Overheard in Law School
Parens Binubus
Parenthetical Statement
Patent Pros
Paul Frankenstein
Pelican Barbecue & Buckeye Beer
Pete Holiday
Preaching to the Perverted
Previously Unpublished
Queen's Law Life
Reasonable Expectations
Res Ipsa Blog
Res Judicaca
Rogue Slayer Law Student
Screaming Bean
Singing Loudly
SoapBox Law
Stare Decisis
Sua Sponte
Sugar, Mr. Poon?
T Sinister
Taco's Toppings
The Art of Law
The Diaries of UK Law Students
The Electric Commentary
The Legal Scoop
The Menagerie
The Namby Pamby Law Student
The Prejudicial Effect
The Republic of T.
The State of the Union
the thin line between optimism and delusion
The Twenty-Something
The Unreasonable Man
There's No Competition in Law School
This Biochemical Life
This Is Where the Cowboy Blogs Away
Top Law Student
Tortfeasors Anonymous
Turning Cathy into a Lawyer
Waiting for the Punchline
Will Work For Favorable Dicta
Wings, Grits and Briefs
Wisdom's Friend
Wish I Would Have Known
Witches Eat Calculators
Yayarolly goes to law school

x Arizona State
Res Judicaca

x Boston College
Inquire Within

Neo Tokyo Times

x University of Cincinnati
Life of a Law Student
You Can't Get Arrested For Being Awesome

x University of Minnesota
The Unreasonable Man

x University of Virginia
de cachondeo

x Valparaiso University
Daily Struggles with Inanimate Objects
The Gray Area Left of Center
The State of the Union

x Washington College
Jaybeas Corpus

x Boston University
Turning Cathy into a Lawyer

x Columbia
Ex Post
Half the Sins of Mankind
Three Years of Hell

x Fordham University
Modern Acropolis

x George Washington
Ambivalent Imbroglio

x Georgetown
Chcago Typewriter Blog
Completely Irrelevant
El Oso, El Moreno, and El Abogado
In Limine
My Back Pages
Phocas and Francis
Purr Se
Smart Fun Alcohol
Tales from the Club
The B-Lab
The Many Names of Paradise

x Harvard
Bad Glacier
Confessions of a Sober Law Student
Ex Parte
Magic Cookie
Section 5 Saucy Intruders
Sridiculous at Large
T Sinister

x Indiana University
Doing Things With Words
IndyLaw Net
This Is Where the Cowboy Blogs Away

x Lewis & Clark
Collateral Evidence

x Mississippi College of Law
Mark Lyon

x New England School of Law
Rogue Slayer Law Student

x Ohio State
3L Epiphany

x San Diego School of Law
The Prejudicial Effect

x Southern Illinois University
Jeremy Richey's Blawg

x St. Louis University
Legal Ease
Matt Schuh Online

x Stanford
Rambling Without Cause

x Thomas M. Cooley
Shmoo's Law Blog

x Boalt Hall at UC Berkeley
Nuts and Boalts

x University of Chicago
Crescat Sententia
Irritant #4
Nudum Pactum
What's it all about?

x University of Georgia
Wings, Grits and Briefs

x Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Novus Diem

x University of Kansas
Legally Bored, Brunette, and Bitter
The Ratler

x University of Miami
Legal Twilite Zone

x University of Michigan
Brain Porn
Clever WoT
Dispatches from the Moral High Ground
Glorfindel of Gondolin
Letters of Mark
Life, Law, Gender
The One Little Pepper and How She Grew
The Ulterior Epicure
Watching Myself Gavotte

x University of Nebraska
Full Metal Attorney

x University of Pennsylvania
America's Hometown
Law School Unconfidential

x University of Texas
Amicus Curiae
Buffalo Wings and Vodka

x University of Wisconsin
Didactic Discursive Diatribe
Law & Alcoholism

x University of Wyoming
Mackenzie's Weblog

x Yale
Death in the Afternoon
Mansfield Fox
Punch & Judy
x Collaborate
What's amiss?
Who's missing?

x Which Category?
Furd Log

x New Blawgs
Big Debt, Small Law
Blawg Blog
Canadian Trademark Blog
Do Not Pass Geaux
Esq Gear
Gray's Law Dictionary
Shape Blog
Why Practicing Law Sucks!

x Law Schools
CHICAGO: The Faculty Blog
DUKE: iBlawg
Harvard Law Bulletin
Illinois Business Law Journal
PITT: Jurist
YALE: LawMeme
YALE: The Pocket Part

x Directories
ADR Blogs
Blawg - Law Blog Links
Blawg Blog
Blawg Republic
Blawg Search
Law Prof Bloggers
PubSub Law List
The Blogs of Law
US Law Reviews Law Blog Directory

x Blogging Ideas
Law Firm Blogging
Law Firm Media Blog

x ADR Specialists
National Arbitration Forum

x EU Law Blogs

x Blawgs Dot Org
ACS Blog
Today's Workplace
Up to PAR
Yale Law Federalist Society

x Law & Politics
Hugh Hewitt
Power Line

x Judiciary
A Criminal Waste of Space
Arthur Gilbert
Have Opinion, Will Travel
Richard Posner
Underneath Their Robes

x Blogzines
Above the Law
Kentucky Law Blog
Point of Law
The Legal Reader
The Pagan Science Monitor

x MSM Blawgs
The Times Law Weblog
WSJ Law Blog

x Consulting
Adam Smith, Esq.
Build a Solo Practice
E Legal Secure
International Lawyer Coach
Law Department Management
Law Firm Media Blog
Legal Marketing Blog
Life at the Bar
Rob Millard
Ross Ipsa Loquitur

x Humorous Stuff
Above the Law
Celebrity Justice
Legal Antics
Legal Juice
Lowering the Bar
Old Secretary
Patently Silly
Say What?!
The Disassociate

x Business Blogs
David Maister
New Millennium PR
Small Business Trends
The Adventure of Strategy

x Brit Blawgs
Criminal Solicitor
Human Law
Naked Law
The Times Law Weblog

x Podcasts Feeds
Bag and Baggage
Dilworth Paxson Podcast
Law School Podcast
Tech Law Advisor Podcasts

x Law Librarians
Connie Crosby
Dane Co Legal Resource
Deane Law Library
Information Overlord
Law Dawg Blawg
Law Librarian Blog
lo-fi librarian
Ohio Law
Out of the Jungle
Vancouver Law Librarian

x Law IT Support
I Heart Tech
Law Firm IT
Lawtech Guru

x More Than Law
A Fool in the Forest
Crescat Sententia
Crooked Timber
formerly known as f/k/a
Other Interests
Stay of Execution

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NYT Link Generator

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