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Hufflepuff Characters

This will be updated every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday so if I am missing people, please email me with the subject "characters". If you can, I would also appreciate it if you could tell me some places where that character has been mentioned. (page numbers, scences, chapters, or books will all help :).

In alphabetical order:

Abbott, Hannah- Friends with Harry, Ron, and Hermione. She was one of the Hufflepuffs who believed that Harry had been attacking people in their second year, and is in the same year as Harry. She became a prefect in her 5th year.
Bones, Susan- Same year as Harry at Hogwarts and lost her parents to Death Eaters.
Branstone, Elenor-
Cauldwell, Owen-
Corner, Michael- One year behind Harry. He was in Dumbledore's Army (the D.A.) in the 5th book and dated Ginny Weasley and Cho Chang.
Diggory, Cedric- As captain of his Quidditch team, he beat Harry in Harry's third year accidentally when he grabbed the snitch as Harry fell off his broom. In Harry's fourth year, he went to the Yule Ball with Cho Chang. He would have finished his last year at Hogwarts if he had not been killed by Peter Pettigrew.
Finch-Fletchley, Justin- In Harry's year. He is friends with Harry, Ron, and Hermione and thought Harry set a snake on him in their second year. Later he was petrified. Goldstein, Anthony-
Hopkins, Wayne-
Jones, Megan-
Macmillan, Ernie- In the same year as Harry and friends with Harry, Hermione, and Ron. He is conceited and became a prefect in his 5th year.
Madley, Laura-
Stebbins- Boy caught by Snape at the Yule Ball in the bushes.
Zeller, Rose-4 years behind Harry.
The Fat Friar- Ghost

Please email me and tell me characters I am missing! Or let me know if you know anything about the characters that I haven't described, I haven't had time to re-read the books and find out about them yet :).

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