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This will be updated every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, so please don't worry if some of the imformation is not current!

House Contests

If you want to win HMOTW (H for House), you will have to be very active. I expect everyone in this House to donate and post often, but the HMOTW will have to do it more often and for more generous, honest, and nice reasons (that means pointless posts that are just to get your # of posts up DONT COUNT). You will be disqualified if you lose more than 10 points for the house in a week, but you will be eligable the following weeks. Any swear on the message board (like saying b1+ch, @$$, f(_)ck, sh1+, or something else like that) will disqualify you. However, arguing will be allowed if you do it without foul language. The prize will change each week.

The 'True Member of the Month' award will go to whichever House member shows the qualities of a true Hufflepuff. Someone who stands out as being loyal, hardworking, and brave. Prize will vary month to month.

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