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    Tip! If you need to find something, the Control Center is your friend! Everything you can do at myHq is linked out from there. (change colors/fonts/backgroud, re-arrange links, edit, move, copy, delete links, edit, move, delete categories, import/export links, create public pages, change password, name, email... etc) Once again, the Control Center is your friend!

    What is about?
  • offers you the ability to easily use the web as your bookmark page. Some say it's an online bookmark manager.
    Why is that good?
  • Accessibility and convenience. You can access your page from anywhere and updating it say, at work means that you will also see it at home.
    Why do I have to register?
  • That is the only way to give you your own page and make sure it fits you exactly. Otherwise, someone changing the front page will change yours as well.
  • If you are worried about privacy, we will not divulge any personal information on an individual for commercial gain. If you are worried a bout your email address, we only use it to tell you about new feature or wh en you forget your password. In any case, you can get a Hotmail or Yahoo Mail account as a protective measure.
    What are grabs??
  • Grabs are when you copy over the links of someone else.
  • You can set up links under a category and allow your friends to use it. Update the links and automatically, the links that your friends 'grabbed' from you will be updated.

    Why are grabs useful?
  • one person can keep his/her links current and everyone that 'grabbed' the set of links will be updated accordingly.
  • it is the easiest way to distribute a set of links to a mass of people.
    How is your (my!) data protected (if the system crashes)? Your data is protected on multiple levels.
  1. daily - myHq - stored on different server - 14 days worth
  2. daily - Pair (the host provider) - stored on tape
  3. weekly - me - stored off-site - 2 months worth
  4. rarely - you - whenever you export your bookmarks

    Additionally, the operating system used is FreeBSD which is one of the most stable and secure operating systems around. (time between reboot is measured in hundreds of days)

    At worst, you will lose one days worth of bookmarks. For the average user, that rounds to about 0. :>
    How do I delete my account?
    Just email me... It's not a problem.. I just haven't had the time to code the program up yet. (It's sort of low in priority.. only a couple of people email me every month or so...) Include your username in the email.
    Update - Sept 25 2005 : To delete, just remove your email address from your account. Every so often a script would run that would remove your account.
    This FAQ will be updated when people ask me questions. So, email me.

    You may also want to take a look at the 'about' page for a background on myHq

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